What the Flynn Plea Means

There’s less to the news than meets the eye.

…Understand: If Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador had evinced the existence of a quid pro quo collusion arrangement — that the Trump administration would ease or eliminate sanctions on Russia as a payback for Russia’s cyber-espionage against the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic party — it would have been completely appropriate, even urgently necessary, for the Obama Justice Department to investigate Flynn. But if that had happened, Mueller would not be permitting Flynn to settle the case with a single count of lying to FBI agents. Instead, we would be looking at a major conspiracy indictment, and Flynn would be made to plead to far more serious offenses if he wanted a deal — cooperation in exchange for sentencing leniency.

  • Mark F Matis

    It is this country’s “Law Enforcement” who enable this treason.

    I hope they and their families are ready for what will be coming at them.

    • mobuyus

      Still got that boner for cops eh. You will be killed attacking law enforcement and their loved ones. A death well deserved for you. You are part of the problem and must be solutioned. Go on get your nuts up and good luck to you.

      • Mark F Matis

        I’ll kill as many of their spouses as I can before they get me. And you can burn in hell with your spouse for your treason. You swore an oath to the Constitution before you pinned on that badge, yet you spit on that oath every day. And your spouse knows full well you do, but cheers you on anyway. Teddy Kennedy is waiting for you and her to join him.

        • mobuyus

          I’ve sworn no oath and burning in hell is not a fear I am in possession of. You on the other hand run the risk of a shortened life which by reading your posts wouldn’t be a bad thing. Betcha if I was pounding on your hide you’d be praying for law enforcement to come to your rescue.

    • mauser 98

      …(fake media strangely quiet re this)

      Obama State Dept: We have no problem with General Flynn and the incoming administration contacting foreign officials


  • Norman_In_New_York

    If I were Trump, I would replace Sessions with McCarthy as attorney general.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Trey Gowdy! He is the Man

      • deplorabledave

        We have a deep bench.

      • Bataviawillem

        My idea, he’s a bit of a terrier.

  • Jay Currie

    As Alan Dershowitz points out, the plea deal has Flynn confessing to being a liar; not a good look if you want him to testify against other targets.