WARMINGTON: CP24’s Stephen LeDrew suspended over ‘code of conduct’ conflict

Liberal tool

CP24’s Live at Noon host Stephen LeDrew was still wearing his bow tie and trademark coloured glasses Friday, just not on air.

The venerable and flashy television personality, who appeared this week on Fox News as a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, has been suspended by network owner Bell Media.

  • mauser 98

    watched it Thurs…LeDrew made an ass of himself…natch

    ‘i dont know what it means but it is good’

  • Thomas Henderson

    LeDrew was suspended by Bell because he didn’t stay within the echo chamber.

    Somebody from the Lettuce Bacon and Tomato club, or whatever the latest version of the multi-lettered LGBT acronym is these days, should come to LeDrew’s defense. After all, we don’t want him/her/it to feel excluded from the echo chamber.

  • ontario john

    The Bell Media empire is even worse than the CBC. It enforces the leftist and Liberal Party world view, and ridicules and censors any conflicting view points. It doesn’t even allow an old Liberal Party hack like LeDrew to wander from its clutches. Bell Media has an agenda, and its to tightly control the news.

  • Spatchcocked

    Tucker should have show video of Trudy blubbing and tearing up and blowing his nose over gays the Indians then refugees…..

    It would have spoken volumes…

    I’d like to blow my nose on that twat Ledrews face…..i

  • Solo712

    Tucker blew it. He should have had Mark Steyn on hand and then ask the Liberal Snowflake in Chief if politically incorrect views are tolerated in Canada.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)


  • DMB

    Stephen LeDrew was suspended for appearing on a “competitor” network which is an absurd charge considering Fox News is not in the same market that Bell Media (CTV/Citytv/CP24) serves which is in Canada/Canadian only markets. No what LeDrew is being punished for by his fellow downtown Toronto Liberal elites is appearing on a Conservative network with a Conservative talk show host. If Stephen LeDrew had appeared on the BBC spewing his nonsensical Liberal dribble he would not have been reprehended what so ever.

  • DMB

    Speaking of Canadian media personalities.
    AM 640 Toronto radio terminates long time host of “A View From Space” Gary Bell for “anti-semetic” comments as the war on free speech continues.

    Here is the show that got him fired dated November 11, 2017