Trudeau’s odd statements on female genital mutilation continue

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy was on full display this week in the House of Commons, as he was answering question on the topic of female genital mutilation (FGM).

FGM is the brutal cultural practice that mutilates a young woman’s genitals and has been carried out on an estimated 200 million girls and women worldwide — most prominently in North Africa and the Middle East.

I have to take issue with this claim from the article:

“As I reported exclusively in the Sun, the website Muslims in Calgary posted an article that justified and even encouraged this practice within the Islamic faith. Following my report, the organization quickly apologized and retracted the disturbing essay. “

Ms. Malcolm may have reported exclusively for “The Sun” but BCF broke this story a month before the MSM Strip-mined the story from my blog.

  • ontario john

    Its probably that Hitler Harper spreading Islamophobia again. Trudeau warned us about him in parliament this week. Female genital mutilation is a feminist victory in Canada.

    • That was my guess,

      • Exile1981

        MIC has a huge mosque in an old industrial building just north of 32nd ave on barlow. I had a client in the office building next door back in 2006/07 who watched all the concrete they poured under the soccer field.

        • Linda1000

          ?? What for? They dug up the soccer field and poured concrete for an underground bunker for what – to store their guns?

          • Exile1981

            No idea, some poured and some precast. I joked back then when he told me it must be fore a bomb factory

  • bargogx1

    The last sentence in the article says it all. The end result of attempting any such reconciling is hypocrisy.

  • Literally Hitler

    Muslims Furious About Canadian Citizenship Guide
    …even though Islamists oppose nationalism other than for benefits

  • kirby

    She does good work, but you do better.
    Best (and most prolific) blog. 😉