Trudeau criticized for pushing gay agenda on kids in ‘LGBTQ2’ apology

OTTAWA, December 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Two Conservative MPs criticized Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for going too far Tuesday in his long-anticipated apology for the government’s alleged past mistreatment of LGBTQ2 persons.

Harold Albrecht and Ted Falk were among a handful of Conservative MPs present in the House of Commons who did not join the standing ovations for the prime minister during and after his 20-minute apology.

Albrecht told the Canadian Press on Wednesday that he didn’t rise because he disagreed with Trudeau’s evident support of prepubescent children identifying as homosexual or transgender.

“It went beyond an apology,” the Ontario MP said.

“When you start talking about six-year-olds, in that context, I’m not there.”

I wonder if Justin is a NAMBLA member?