The French left is tearing itself apart over Islam

Six months into his presidency, Emmanuel Macron looks untouchable. He has conquered the unions, and his political opponents are a shambles – none more so than the Socialists. Just how divided they are was demonstrated earlier this month when a vicious war of words erupted within the French left. The cause was Islam, an issue that has been agitating Socialists for decades. When the first Socialist president of the Fifth Republic, François Mitterrand, was elected in 1981, his government was initially a friend of Islam. As the eighties wore on though, some on the left became alarmed at the demands being made of the Republic: prayer rooms in factories and the right to pray five times a day were particular sticking points. Pierre Mauroy, who served as prime minister during this period, denounced the growing influence of Islam in the workplace, prompting the left-wing newspaper Liberation to warn that such statements were ‘the slippery slope to racism’.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    I’m sorry, but given the choice between racism (which in the end is little more than someone getting their feelings hurt) and the yoke of Sharia and subjection by a hostile foreign population, I’ll take racism, thank you very much.
    Its by far the least harmful option.

  • Don’t take sides. Let the French tear each other apart over this:

  • Hard Little Machine

    His popularity has dropped by half. So politically he may be in a good place but electorally they will burn him at the stake

    • He was never an “outsider” as billed, just another member of the french nomenclature.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        He was an “outsider” like Hillary Clinton was.
        I mean neither was ever actually President before.

  • felis gracilis

    The French left at least admits the argument. Here in Canuckistan we have M-103 to silence us.