‘Rat bomb’ designed for British spies to fight Nazis up for auction

In the market for an exploding French rat? Probably not, but why miss this opportunity? Especially if you have a spare £1,500 ($2,020) lying around to spend on utterly random wartime taxidermy.

Found in the back of a Lyon police station, this incredibly rare object is a fine example of some of the more bizarre and creative methods employed for hampering the Nazis.

The dummy rat, up for auction at Bonhams New York, carries the French police identification label ‘surmulot ou rat d’egouts Mus decumanus. Pall.Lyon I 1942.’ The ink label on the base is dated 1942 and has a post-war 1940s tie-on label, also written in French; stating that the “rat is of the SOE” – the Special Operations Executive.