NPR And PBS, The Biggest Harassment Hypocrites

The swift revolution against sexual harassment is ending the careers of a series of media “icons,” left and right. But perhaps nowhere is this hypocrisy more notable (and deeper) than at PBS and NPR. These were the entities that made sexual harassment the boiling feminist issue when Anita Hill testified during Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing in 1991.

Here’s an easy question: Why didn’t this sudden spirit of self-discovery and investigation happen back then? Or in any year since?

  • simus1

    Type A male baboons and marxists have sex first with all ready to breed females within reach in the troops they rule. It’s just instinctive, nothing personal. After a few years go by a majority of the girls decide ol’ Bill and his buddies are passe and start making eyes at any hunky hot looking guys passing by. Mayhem ensues and if they are lucky the defeated old flames now depart mostly intact for points unknown.
    Now take mao, there was a type A baboon that really knew his business.

  • ntt1

    as most positions are vacated by retiring decent well brought up men their replacements are iconoclastic nitwits with all the restraint of sex crazed chimps, There is nothing potentially worse than a thirty something male in a position of power . Without close monitoring he is very likely to start bullying and sexual harassment which is an odious form of bullying. In my industry ,though far from perfect . bullying and harassment are no longer shielded and covered for by a union. One phone call to LA will trigger panicked higher up executives scared shitless of lawsuit exposure. I have seen two investigations last year, one was dismissed as revenge and the other resulted in a twenty minute clear out and perp walk by security . both were supervisory staff, lower downs are just laid off immediately with 8 hours worked.