No compassion for victims of ISIS

Imagine this scenario: a Canadian voluntarily flies overseas to join ISIS, actively engaging in combat against our soldiers and allies.

The ISIS fighter comes back to Canada and the top priority of this Liberal government is to “reintegrate” the individual. This is what the Liberal government is making a priority. This plan is a serious slap in the face to our men and women in uniform and to our allies.

These are people who willingly got on a plane to join ISIS.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But it we give them all a free education that can help reintegrate them by showing how much we value them. After all Prime Minister Trudeau pointed out that a terrorist is just “some who completely feels excluded.”

    And think about how what they can do for Canada if they get courses in Chemical Engineering, Computer Programming, or go to flight school!

  • ismiselemeas

    I’m flabbergasted by the laissez faire attitude of the government.

    • JoKeR
    • k1962

      That attitude influences all of their policies. I hate them and pray they lose the next election in a landslide.

      • canminuteman

        Lose to who? What difference will it make? If they lose it will be to the NDP.

        • k1962

          Yeah, I don’t think so. Jagmeet has to carefully pick where he’s going to run because he actually could lose.

          I hope they lose to the Conservatives, but they now have to pander to the borg know as diversity, identity politics, muslims etc.

          I just hate the Liberals. They only throw our money at problems and don’t put a lot of effort into any policies. They do what is easy because they are lazy and they are vote whores.

          A Liberal is someone willing to give you the shirt off of someone else’s back. I had a few “liberal” progressive friends. They are the biggest users and losers. They take, but don’t give. They ask for lots of favours, but don’t reciprocate. That’s how they live and that’s how they vote.

  • Watchman

    Instead of “Reintegration on the soil of Canada”, I’d approve of the returning guilty murderers for “Reintegration with the soil of Canada” That could mean we just send over a bucket of Canadian soil to be put on their graves after they’ve been droned.

  • It’s pretty obvious that the moron in office doesn’t care. What does that say of people who voted for him and will do so again? Why do Liberal voters regard the re-entry (not integration or re-integration) of child rapists as either a trivial issue or something of utmost importance? Why is the rape of children not morally or personally repellent to Liberal voters as it is to anyone else? Are party stripes far more important than the safety of women and children?

    • Exile1981

      I know a hard core ndp supporter. She told me that she would rather be raped or killed by a muslim than have the local christians invite her to the church supper.

      Yes the party message is more important to her than facts, children etc.

      • Linda1000

        Wow, talk about being “brainwashed”.

        • k1962

          And stupid.

      • canminuteman

        And given that ideology, like every other communists she is prepared to kill as many people as she has to to achieve the Marxist Utopia.

        • Exile1981

          Likely, she is someone I went to high school with decades ago. She also wrote a novel (never published) on how during a future war the bad guys used refugees to sneak troops into Canada. Yet I pointed this same argument out for why we should screen Syrian refugees she accused me of being islamophobic. She believes that liberal message so fully she can’t see the hypocracy in her current beliefs vs her story.

      • Wow.

        One cannot fix that kind of stupidity. We simply do not have the technology.

        • Exile1981

          She is also very much against facilities for the insane, she feels that they will be used by conservatives to strip rights from the left.

          • Sometimes the best thing to do is to let people get hurt by the very things they love.

          • Exile1981

            Interesting most of the hardcore ndp types I have met are childless. Even the married ones have all decided to not reproduce and tend to only associate with childless people.

            I suspect that cutting yourself off from the biological urge to reproduce… even if you only express it by being around those we do reproduce, likely causes a psycosis. They are an evolutionary dead end.

            Of course i have noticed a cery high preponderance of food and enviromental allergies among Lefties as well.

            Is that because people with those issues are more likely to lean left or is it that left leaning causes people to have a compromised immune system and therefore develop those issues?

          • I suspect underlying neuroses like reproducing gives one cooties. That sort of thing.

            And never forget the hatred of dear, old dad.

  • Frances

    Don’t forget that the PM thought any preferential treatment of Yazidis and Christians in refugee settlement was totally wrong. Guess he was okay with having Yazidi and Christian men and boys martyred, with the women sold to ISIS warriors.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The next election ads have been written.

  • k1962

    The Trudeau government does things for one of two reasons. It’s either to buy votes or because they are incredibly lazy and it’s the easiest action to take. Sometimes, it’s a combination of the two.

  • k1962

    These “people” need to be severely punished. They need to be tried and sent to jail for life.They are dangerous and need to be punished the same way a murderer, kidnapper or rapist here would be punished.

    • canminuteman

      We won’t even be able to shun them because they will disappear into the communities they came from, like Flemington Park and East Danforth in Toronto and be among people who actively support them.

      • k1962

        You know, Harper’s policy of stripping dual citizen terrorists was a good thing. It’s something other countries are doing. It means that they couldn’t return home to harm us and enjoy the benefits of our peaceful Country. They would have to face Arab/Muslim justice. Something they thought was good taken to the extreme. I say let them stay the hell over there in Muslimland. Our Jacka$$ of PM had to change this law because he is an immoral vote whore.