Lindsay Shepherd’s Attacker Who Labeled her “Alt-Right” Was Ousted from Windsor University Position After Anti-Semitic Scandal

Mohommad Akbar, one of Lindsay Shepherd’s most vocal opponents, helped lead a 2014 BDS campus movement that emboldened anti-Semites to endanger the safety of Jewish students at Windsor University.

Mohommad Assbar – named after pedophile dear to Muslim cultists.

University of Wilfrid Laurier alumnus Mohammad Akbar recently published a hit piece on Lindsay Shepherd, the TA who had the audacity to simply play a clip of Jordan Peterson and others debating gender pronouns.

Shepherd was censured, brought in for a meeting with Laurier faculty who berated her until she broke down in tears. They equated her airing a Jordan Peterson clip in class with playing a Hitler speech.

  • Starlord

    Ever get the feeling that behind all the shit storms over the past 5yrs here in Ontario their are the usual suspects behind it?

    • Alain

      I wouldn’t call it a “feeling”, more like “recognition”.

  • “Mohommad”? That’s a new one.

  • ontario john

    Well, he can always get a job with Trudeau.

    • Watchman

      That article counts as ‘polishing the résumé.’

  • ntt1

    wait until this filth gets into government….oh wait.

  • Why doesn’t that surprise me?

  • Ed

    “…It’s a sad day when the president and a professor of a university are forced to throw themselves at the feet of those who have made other students feel unsafe in a classroom…”

    Normally, you don’t make your most absurd sentence the very first one.