Is this a trick question?

Why was pro-Palestinian Jewish organization denied a seat on Ontario government’s anti-Semitism committee?

  • Waffle

    Well Rachel, take off your red diaper and cry me a river.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Great comments on that website eg we should exterminate the ‘Zionists’

  • bargogx1

    Sorry to go off-topic, but while on that site I found this gem, which I just had to bring to your attention –

    • Watchman

      Fortunately the comments on this article by the author, Mohammed Akbar, show what sort of person he is outside the article.

  • WalterBannon

    Why does a pro-Palestinian Jewish organization exist is the trick question

    First, they are not really Jewish, they are Marxist and JINO

  • Watchman

    “On November 10, the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Morris Winchevsky Centre was vandalized with neo-Nazi posters. The notices read: “White revolution is the only solution,” and “Join your local Nazis.” The posters included a website address.”
    This really looks like a fake racist attack:
    – The neo-Nazis have never really seen Kristallnacht as significant date as something like Hitler’s birthday (as far as my reading goes – thought it still might be). The date has particular meaning for Jews though as it marks the start of the public widespread violence against Jews.
    – ‘Join your local Nazis’ signs on a Jewish centre, presumably extorting Jews to join the Nazis? Who do they think would be attending this centre and why would such attendees be wanting to join the nazis?
    – ‘White revolution is the only solution’ – again, as recruiting posters at a Jewish venue? A phrase that implies a link to ‘The Final Solution’ a.k.a. genocide of all Jews. I’m really sure that won’t attract any Jews to join the Nazis.
    – The website address (I just checked) is parked and currently not in use, but implies some sort of nordic rallying point. Can’t see any evidence either way for this point.

    “Anti-Semitism is real and on the rise again. In the United States and Canada we are witnessing an upsurge of neo-Nazi activity, including swastikas spray-painted on playgrounds, cemeteries desecrated and bomb threats targeting Jewish institutions. ”
    Agreed, anti-semitism is on the rise, but the threat of the neo-Nazis is still very small compared to the threat to the Jews by a group who has wanted the genocide of the Jews for the last 1400 years. The inability of the neo-Nazis to rally more than around a hundred neo-Nazis for a march and rally indicates the tiny number of active members.

    What we have is a growing anti-semitism everywhere around the world where muslims are. Some of the spray painting and vandalism has been found to be fake attacks. Most of the new anti-semitism attacks in Europe are done by muslims.

    • Reader

      The Winchevsky Centre is a socialist secular “Jewish” group, which says all I need to know about them.

  • David_Martin

    UJPO is a communist organization – my late aunts and uncles belonged back in the 1940’s (when they were young and foolishly idealistic) and were actually on a Canadian and American Govt. watch list.

    • Watchman

      I was going to say that the UJPO might have been the victim of the O’Sullivan’s First Law, “Any institution that is not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time.” The UJPO seems to have started out as far left, and apparently never changed as there wasn’t any further leftward it could move.

      This article’s author extolled the work of the UJPO before WW2, but seems very quiet as to what they did to help the Jews in the lead up to the war and afterwards with the public revelations of the Holocaust.

  • ontario john

    I guess because the committee is full now with muslim oranizations.