“I am not American,” said the Islamist; “I am Muslim”

Several years ago, when first in the United States on a teaching scholarship, one issue leapt out. A man asked an innocent enough question: Where I was from? I told him; then, as a courtesy, asked him the same question.

“I am a Muslim,” he smiled.

Thinking that perhaps he had not understood the question — he sounded American or English — I asked if he was from the United States.

“I am not American,” he said again; “I am a Muslim.”

I subsequently learned that he was an Islamist, a preacher of strict religious teachings, and that many of the people to whom he preached held the same views.

  • Chatillon

    I think that it’s wonderful that the Moslem disavows US citizenship. It should make it really easy to deport him and his kin if he breaks the law….

    …”should” being the operative term here, of course.

    • I applaud his honesty.

      • Solo712

        Ain’t honesty, bcf, it’s dissing the impotents!

  • Old Guy

    How long will it be before a Canadian political leader, or a Canadian new media personality, or Canadian school board trustee actually stands up to denounce a Muslim who speaks like this? If they won’t adopt the country they live in and the values espoused by their countrymen then they should forfeit their right to remain in the country. Cut the crap and deport them.

    Islam is a totalitarian political system with a political ideology, that of conquest, and a political hierarchy, that of muslim supremacism. Imo Islam uses religion as a tool to disguise its political objectives. Like Nazism, it’s goal is world domination. Islam will do whatever is necessary to deceive and to prey on the weak, the foolish and the decadent.

  • Literally Hitler

    Muslims Furious About Nationality

  • Hard Little Machine

    Unfortunately for him he is and he is subject to our laws

  • vwVwwVwv

    Let him do the hadsh, send him to Mecka, half way, the rest he should walk / swim alone.

  • JoKeR

    Aren’t they all?

  • I think it is plainly obvious to anyone who has studied Islam that he tells the truth. A muslim’s allegiance is always and solely to Islam – not country, community, fellow men or even family. All those parties, even their own children – are entirely subordinate to the over-riding compulsion of Islam, which is to dominate the entire world.

    That anyone with sufficient intelligence to tie their own shoelaces cannot see this is so preposterous as to make me believe that they are, in truth, complicit. It is hard to escape this conclusion regarding May and Merkel in particular, and even you Canadians’ Dear LGBQWERTY “Leader”.

  • P_F

    Not limited of muslims only. Ask any chinese, filipino, indian who they are and they would proudly reply; chinese, filipino or indian as the case maybe.
    In conversation they’d always refer to their ‘home country’ & ‘their culture’.