How to Reckon the Reckoning

Do you reckon the reckoning?

The Atlantic’s “Bill Clinton: A Reckoning,” Slate’s “It’s Astonishing That It Took So Long for the Bill Clinton Moment of Reckoning to Arrive,” and National Review’s “Kennedy, Clinton, Weinstein: A Convenient Reckoning” all resurrect the arcaic term in response to the ancient practice of men abusing power to satiate sexual desires.

Clinton’s appetites did not kill his presidency. But they led to his impeachment and, long after that fact, they now lead to this belated reckoning. Yes, it takes slow types 19 years to reckon the need for a reckoning, a word which, voracious readers probably noticed, now appears in magazines with a frequency on par with “the,” “is,” and, well, “and.”