How to Reckon the Reckoning

Do you reckon the reckoning?

The Atlantic’s “Bill Clinton: A Reckoning,” Slate’s “It’s Astonishing That It Took So Long for the Bill Clinton Moment of Reckoning to Arrive,” and National Review’s “Kennedy, Clinton, Weinstein: A Convenient Reckoning” all resurrect the arcaic term in response to the ancient practice of men abusing power to satiate sexual desires.

Clinton’s appetites did not kill his presidency. But they led to his impeachment and, long after that fact, they now lead to this belated reckoning. Yes, it takes slow types 19 years to reckon the need for a reckoning, a word which, voracious readers probably noticed, now appears in magazines with a frequency on par with “the,” “is,” and, well, “and.”

  • Gary

    We have Justin’s father and the Liberals in general where John Turner was supported by feminists and Shelia Copps when he thought it was okay to pat women on the ass as an Al Frenken kinda touchy guy that also does it to men.
    Feminists sell their sole when they can rake in the big bucks inside the Liberal party and how the feminists at NOW would even go down on Bill Clinton as long as her was pro-choice. NOW was behind Hillary when they knew she was pro-sharia and wanted to open the doors to more wife-beating homophobic muslims from any of the islamc hell-holes.

    As for Turner…do you remember the jokes where a cardboard bum protector was for the women’s bum to shut the prudes. Liberals will be pigs and thieves because Justin now has 5 of his tears&apology stunts for Humans Rights violation and past wrongs that were under a LIBERAL PM but blames Canada .
    Just like the Khadr money for what Jean Chretien and Martin did on top of the $300 million theft in the AdScam where Chretien sad that some bad people did bad things but I kept Canadian together.

    • Gary

      Turner must have thought her name was Iona ( I own a ) Pussy.

  • simus1

    The important thing to remember is this all part of a DemocRat Party multi factional alley fight over who will control what “territory” when the dust settles. Righting past injustices and cloaking themselves in the purest of virtue signals going forward is just part of a new ad campaign to rope in the credulous.

  • Gary

    Here’s something that doesn’t make sense for what Justin said about the Khadr case.
    Read how Paul Martin blames Chretien in 2003 and then says that the Courts already had a settlement ruled for Omar’s Human Rights violations.
    I’ve got leftists defending Justin and saying that it was Harper’s fault when Martin just said Chretien was to blame and the Court already ruled for damages.
    Martin also claims that Omar allegedly killed a medic. Chretien got Omar father out of a pakistani Military jail for a photo-op.

    We can’t afford these liberal A-Holes that lie went in power and then lie to rewrite history in hindsight. When did Omar Khadr get to GITMP in 2002 and his trial and conviction

  • Shebel

    Even the LEFT ,much as they try- cannot defeat KARMA.
    Just look a Bill Clinton. — He is married to most lying, deceitful bitch in America and Has ,possibly the ugliest daughter in America.
    So what good is all that money that they so elaborately stole from Americans ?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t want a reckoning I want all Clintons to be pestered every day the rest of their lives going to court defending charge after charge after charge. Every day get out of bed and shuffle off to court spending millions of dollars