From “Clarification” to Correction: ABC News Corrects The Clarification Of Their Fake News About Michael Flynn

ABC news was twitter shamed into correcting the “clarification” of their fake news story about Michael Flynn that sent the rest of the Liberal-Left & the MSM into full blown Trump Derangement Syndrome. The Tweet adversely affected the stock market causing a decline. Makes you wonder who made money of the initial lie?

The initial tweet (deleted) indicated Trump instructed Flynn to contact the Russians during the campaign fueling their fever swamp dreams, the ABC “source” later corrected this egregious falsehood stating the instruction occurred during the transition which makes it a non-story – that’s what incoming government’s do.

After being savaged on Twitter for their “clarification” tweet  ABC  issued a new tweet appropriately calling it a correction of their fake news scoop.

Below ABC news original “clarification” tweet and their new and improved correction tweet. (Comments on the tweets are great)

ABC’s fake news about Flynn & Russia causes stocks to crash

ABC News falsely claimed that then-presidential candidate Donald Trump ordered Lt Gen Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials during the 2016 campaign. Following the report, the stock market tumbled and many people called out the network on Twitter.

The initial report from ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross, which aired during the “Special Report” program at about 11am on Friday, stated that an anonymous source told the reporter a close associate of Flynn was ready to testify that Trump had “directed him to make contact with the Russians” during the 2016 presidential campaign.