Flynn has nothing to incriminate Trump, president’s legal advisers say

President Trump’s allies are signaling that they believe former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has no information to incriminate the president.

A source close to the legal team said that Special Counsel Robert Mueller filings on Friday is the extent of Mr. Flynn’s incriminating statements about White House and campaign officials.

The retired three-star Army general pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to one charge of lying to the FBI about two contacts he made during the 2016 post-election transition with then-

Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Mr. Mueller’s charges make references to two unnamed Trump aides to worked with Mr. Flynn on the telephone calls.

Liberal TV pundits wildly speculated afterward that Mr. Flynn is ready to bring down the president.

But the legal-team source told The Washington Times, “There is simply no factual basis to implicate the president. He’s got nothing else. What you see in the criminal information is it. He’s empty.”