Croatian migrant felt unsafe in Sweden and left to go to ‘amazing’ Poland – Interview

I live in Poland with my wife and my kids. We moved here from Malmö, Sweden, for about two years ago. I came to Sweden with my parents and my siblings when I was a small child. We came from Croatia.

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  • Sunshine

    The same can be said for Britain, Germany, and France.

    • Alain

      In truth you have to include the whole West with the sole exclusion of Central Europe.

  • Linda1000

    Smart move going to Poland.

    • Watchman

      Echoes of an earlier 1683 effort by the Polish to fight back the tides of muslims invading Europe from the east. Now they are fighting back against the influx of muslims from the European west; the gates flung open by traitors and the walls breached and not defended by Europe. Essentially the Polish are left manning the remaining walls to watch the sacking of the fortress while they continue to preserve their European nature only on the walls of Europe.

  • Watchman

    Sweden, lauded as the Socialist model for a future US single payer healthcare system, was criticised by the Croatian immigrant to Poland because, “simple medical help takes a long time”, or in other words: “everyone gets treatment paid for by taxpayers, as long as they survive the long waiting times in their queues to be treated. If the waiting times are long enough, the problem is resolved with no cost to the taxpayers for any treatments.”

    • Clausewitz

      I believe you just quoted the Ontario model.