Cracking down on raunchy music videos and instigating anti-gay laws: Inside Egypt’s war on sex

The controversy around the Egyptian pop singer Shyma’s new music video began with a suggestive bite of a banana and ended in a police prison cell.

The 25-year-old starlet was arrested days after the release of a music video for her song I Have Issues, which sees her dancing in lingerie and flirting with a classroom full of young men.

She apologised in the face of an avalanche of criticism from MPs and newspapers but it was not enough to stop police from taking her in on suspicion of “inciting debauchery”.

This week she appeared in court, dressed in a niqab, and denied the charges.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    She’s got a nice set of pyramids.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      ..spray some camel sweat on her, and the muzzle’em bucks will go wild…

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …muzzle’ems are such confused people…pussyphobic…

  • DMB

    On the 12 second of that video clip Shyma is standing in front of a chalk board with the numbers 69 written in a large size with the word class # on top of it. The number 69 is metaphor for a type of sexual position were to couple mutual performs oral sex with each other. The class # written above it would suggest that the male students are receiving a lesson in sexual eroticism. Normally middle eastern countries tend to be over zealous in these types of situations however in this case the Egyptian government does have valid reasons to charge her with lewd conduct.

    • Millie_Woods

      Agreed. There’s got to be a happy medium between religious prudishness and the kind of smut that we’re constantly subjected to in the name of art, entertainment and advertising. But depravity seems to be a bottomless pit.

      • DMB

        Compare the video of Shyma from Egypt to the other end of the extreme of this music video made in Iran of six young Iranians who made a music video dancing to the Pharrell Williams song called Happy. The Iranian government tracked them down, arrested them and gave them lashes for making what they considered an UnIslamic video for merely singing and dancing about being happy. Absolutely no lewd conduct or words in this video but charged for the “crime” of being happy. This is a prime example of Islamic prudishness on the extreme wrong end.

  • Literally Hitler

    “This week she appeared in court, dressed in a niqab, and denied the charges.”
    Could have been anyone under that tent.

  • David_Martin

    Betcha lots of Egyptian goats were raped after the locals finished watching that video.

  • Millie_Woods

    She’s as guilty as sin. And as hot as a two dollar pistol.

  • Ed

    Pouring milk on 2 bananas.

    Really. After consuming 2/3 of the worlds internet porn, you’d expect something better from that country..