Canada’s Health Care Is Better Than In The U.S., But That’s Not Enough

Last month, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders visited Toronto as part of a “learning tour” about Canadian health care tied to the promotion of his own single payer health insurance plan. The cascade of laudatory media coverage highlighted a pet peeve of mine: our obsession with comparing our health care system to the system in the United States. Sanders’s visit scratched not just one but two great itches of a phenomenon I call Canadian Smug: our sense of superiority to the U.S., and our delight when Americans notice how much better we are.

  • Sharkibark

    A year and a half ago, I started getting hives on a daily basis. All over my body. Every single day. I went to my doctor, he sent me to a dermatologist – an 8 month wait. They told me to double my antihistamines in a 3 minute appointment that took place 2 hours late. I still have hives, some days better than others but none free from the burning, itching. I mean, I won’t die from it or anything but man, some days are really not good. I just got a call from the allergist – they gave me an appointment for… October 2018.

    I have a client, an 82 year old man who’s healthy and able. He got cataracts and was told there would be a 2 – 3 year wait for surgery. In the meantime he can’t drive, watch TV or read. Luckily he is not without means, and went to the US for his surgery, which happened within a month of diagnosis here in the land of free healthcare.

    A friends mother, needing two hip replacements went to India (where her two brothers are surgeons) and had surgery there, with three full time nurses to assist her months-long recovery for less than most people would spend on a nice holiday. In Canada, she would have had to wait, immobile, for years to have ONE done. She would have had to recover from that, then get on a waiting list AGAIN to have the second one done.

    I am sure you all have similar examples. So how, exactly is our system so superior? How, exactly is taking thousands upon thousands of new immigrants going to help this, especially with the medical disqualification discarded? Our so-called “leaders” need to wake up to the reality of ordinary Canadians suffering with less and less services and struggling with more and more taxes to fund their gold plated pensions and extended benefits.

    • Jayme

      Back in early aug I had some issues I could not swallow right was more or less living off soft food this could worse I lost around 30 pounds went to me doctor mid of sept was told to see a expert it would be about a year wait.

    • Exile1981

      But Jack Layton the king of trying to ban people from using private clinics even tried to sneak down to use one in the end.

  • SDMatt

    Canada’s healthcare is better

    Nonsense. I have an American family member who received superb care on a plan from his employer for a severe heart condition. Had he’d been Canadian he’d be dead, still waiting on the initial diagnostic appointment.

    • NoBamaYoMama

      Right-on! My mother was 80 years old when she had heart valve replacement surgery. It was scheduled in a timely manner, and done in one of the best facilities on the West Coast (our local hospital with a recently-remodeled heart care wing). And the local Dr. was one of the best in the PNW. She came thru a 7+ hour surgery with flying colors, and had excellent care all the way thru rehab. She’s now fully recovered and full of life! I thank God for every day our supposedly “inferior” health care system has provided to her and cherish all the good times we have spent together.

      BTW there are a number of “Prompt Care” facilities in my area where you can just walk right on in without an appt. This is much cheaper for the system than going to the hospital ER for everything under the sun.

      So, they should tell us AGAIN how horrible we have it down here!

      Especially since the President’s soon-to-be-passed tax plan will eviscerate another one of O’BlowHole’s “Muh Legacies”, the Obamacare Mandate.

  • Thomas Henderson

    Article written by a smug leftist telling us we shouldn’t be so smug about our superiority because our superiority may be inferior to what we think it is.

  • deplorabledave

    I have no doubt that a bad system trying to service 35 million would be exponentially worse trying to service 350 million people.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Our V.A. Healthcare system had wait times that were not as bad as some here describe and it was considered a major scandal.
    I have never had to wait for any services and the cost for my medication when I need it is nominal ($3-$9). I get tests and diagnostic imaging within a day or two of it being ordered.
    I can see my doctor within a few days and all of my specialist referrals are within a week or less, some same day.
    I think I’ll keep what I have.

    • Exile1981

      I was put on a list with a year + wait for surgery to repair a tube between a kidney and my bladder. The temporary fix was an insert tube to hold it open. Sadly the temp fix is only rated for 60 days.

      Since they only do 2 of the permanent fixes a week, my wait was way longer than the temp would last.

      In the US I could go down with 2 weeks notice and 8k for the procedure to get it done.

  • Waffle

    Unionization of health care professionals (among other sins) has succeeded in killing universal care in Canada. Just don’t get me started– I could write a book and it’s far too early in the day to do so.

    • Justin St.Denis

      And that is just one of the reasons why Canada’s healthcare system reports an uptick of mortalities EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND and HOLIDAY. “Better system” my arse!