New York Times Glorifies Violent Antifa Rioters with Style Guide, Tactical Advice

The New York Times has glorified Antifa and its more violent “black bloc” rioters with a style guide, complete with riot gear advice.

In their article, titled “What to Wear to Smash the State,” the New York Times detailed the fashion of violent far-left rioters who enjoy “punching Nazis,” before advising what to wear during violent protests and riots.

  • Love the graphic. Send it to InfoWars and I’ll bet they’ll make a t-shirt out of it, sell it all over the U.S. Only one improvement: it lacks the acute Spanish accent over the “e” in Ché.

    A bit of minutiae on the moniker Ernesto “El Ché” Guevara:

    Ernesto Guevara was given the moniker “El Ché” by Guatemalan and Mexican revolutionaries to make fun of his Argentinian accent — they didn’t have a high opinion of the guy. And the name stuck. Of course the idiot English-speaking wannabes who worship the guy think “Ché” is supposed to be some sort of cool revolutionary nickname. But Spanish-speaking people understand that it means the quite the opposite.

    • Exile1981

      ok what does it mean beside ‘The Che’.

      Che is ‘that’ in Italian.

      • The word means nothing in Spanish — it’s a made-up word. But it makes fun of Argentinian “Platense” — a regional accent that inserts a “sh” or “ch” sound in words, much the same way Castillian from Spain pronounces words with a “th” lisping sort of sound.

        • Exile1981

          ok. thanks that is funny. So kind of like people from new england changing soft c sounds to hard k ?

          • Had a buddy from Rhode Island, I wouldn’t even attempt to imitate the way he pronounces “Warwick”.

          • Maurice Miner

            Simple – it’s pronounced “warrick”, one syllable, nothing accented.

            Can you describe your RI mate’s pronunciation?

          • You got it. Perfect. But I thought you were from down under.

          • Maurice Miner

            Um, yes I am from Down Under, but Warwick is 120 or so km west of where I live in Brisbane. Everyone pronounces it “warrick’ (one syllable).

            There is no other pronunciation! 🙂

          • Maurice Miner

            It’s sort of like the way North Americans pronounce “Melbourne”. It always comes out as “mell-born”, but in fact the local pronunciation is again one syllable: “melbin”.

            We Aussies try to keep the lips closed as far as possible when communicating, in case the blow-flys get in…

          • Tweety58

            My brother lived in Bundie and brought home a bottle of that gasoline.

          • Warwick is also a town in R.I., sort of a twin-city composed of East Warwick and West Warwick. But your description of the pronunciation sounds bang-on.

            There might be a slight difference though. My buddy pronounces the “a” very round almost like an “o”, sorta like “worrick”, but like you say one syllable no accent.

          • canminuteman

            As a Canadian of English decent I get a kick out of the pronunciation of English place names. Worcester, Towcester, Cirencester. Pronounce wuster, toaster, and cirencester. It seams Australians pronounce their English place names, more or less the same way that the English. In Canada we pronounce them more phonetically.

          • Tweety58

            Yeah,kinda like Trawna

    • A rich boy played revolutionary. He hated black people and got excited when he killed boys.

      What is to glorify?

      • Exile1981

        don’t forget him raping nuns after murdering them.

        the only thing to glorify is that he was executed for his crimes.

      • Tweety58

        People are “shocked” when they see my no “Che” T shirt

        • My sister has t-shirt like that. That shocks those who are blissfully unaware of his murders.

          • Tweety58

            Funnily enough I first saw that T shirt on your Sis and I subsequently ordered one.

          • Glad this indirectly helped. 🙂

          • Tweety58

            She also introduced me to Flannery O’Connor for which I am very grateful.

            Please tell her that Cole says hello.and that she was his favourite teacher.

          • This I shall mention.

      • Tweety58

        A DOCTOR who revelled in murder….kinda like the late unlamented Morgantaler

  • simus1

    “Red Fascist Cult” would be an honest sell for their marxist product.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why not attack the offices of the Times