Labour suspends ANOTHER activist over anti-Semitism allegations after claims she runs a Twitter account that said Jews ‘wring shekels’ out of the ‘holocaust industry’

This is the future Liberal Party Of Canada.

  • Gary

    In 2005 we saw Sheema Khan from CAIR crusade for sharia in canada. It failed , but when CAIR was exposed in 2009 for funding Hamas…con-job Khan jumped ship from CAIR to now pretend she didn’t know , while CAIR changes its name to NCCM which is the islam org with Saudi funding that is behind the M-103 to use the MP from Pakistan that is now inside our federal government as a Liberal MP under a clueless drama teacher .
    CAIR hands out leaflets to muslims that ask then to not help the FBI or RCMP about any Jihad plots or possible Jihadists in their mosques .

  • Hard Little Machine

    You’re turning into England. Viva La Corbynista!

  • Adam

    Canada can destroy itself. However, it’s becoming, more and more, a security threat to the US. Terrorists who join the immigration wave to Canada could easily cross into the US. I think stricter border controls are in order.

  • Reader

    Correction, this is already the Liberal Party behind the scenes, which is why I left.