Canada’s spy agencies casting wider net on citizens’ electronic data, parliamentary report says

On the eve of a crucial new national-security debate, parliamentarians are being told that federal spy agencies are out to data-mine “bulk” amounts of electronic records about ordinary people as they seek to spot extraordinary terrorist threats.

Contrast this with immigration policy.

  • Del Evans

    While deleting the answers of illegal immigrants to questions asked by Canadian law enforcement. Ammo up all.

  • Mark Matis

    They are merely following the lead of the CIA and the NSA and MI5 and MI6 and the rest of the treasonous swill in the Black agencies of the West. They grovel before their Davos and Bilderberg Masters, and drive towards their One World Government “utopia”. May every one of them and their families soon burn in hell where they belong.

    ESPECIALLY their families.

  • Remember when Stephen Harper tried to do something like this? Even his base — many of us here — were opposed to it. At least the libertarians among us were scrutinizing it closely.

    And Trudeau and the Liberals and NDP literally raked him over the coals for months and months to make sure “Hitler” Harper wasn’t pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes.

    So where’s that process now? Where’s the opposition, where’s the Supreme Court — suddenly they go on permanent vacation when the Liberals are back in power?

    We are a sick Nation — a very ill Nation. In fact we may not be a Nation at all anymore.

  • Liberal Progressive

    This is absolutely necessary in the Liberal country to identify present and future Islamophobes and reactionary conservatives.