Admin slams ‘homonormative whiteness’ of LGBTQ Centers

In an academic journal article published Monday, Assistant Director of LGBTQIA Programs & Services at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Jonathan T. Pryor argues that LGBTQ students feel marginalized on his campus, even in spaces designed to support them, such as Greek Life and the school’s LGBTQ Center.

Such students feel marginalized, Pryor says, because those institutions intrinsically perpetuate “homonormative whiteness” by “upholding power for White, Christian, able-bodied, and middle-class people.” [that’s the social justice target list, btw – ed]

Isn’t “homonormative” an oxymoron?

  • Liberal Progressive

    Well to have equal rights, those who feel disadvantaged must be given extra rights under the laws!

  • ontario john

    We need another ice age..

    • Reader

      With the lack of sunspots, and this is the second low sunspot cycle, I am counting on a cool period, though not necessarily a mini ice age.

      I just want to see all the Millennials in their Canada Goose jackets complaining about all the snow and salt wrecking their Gucci shoes.

      Then there are all the apocalyptic Global Warming rent seekers who will also have some explaining to do.

  • No more funding or donors for these places.

    Let’s see if they still feel that way after all of the money is gone.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    So, straight, White, Christian, and able-bodied are these people’s mortal enemies.

  • Thomas Henderson

    A prism is a refraction of white light.

    Obviously not enough colours in the rainbow for these guys.

  • Literally Hitler

    Far too many people seek comfort in simply being miserable and too many of us normal people try to accommodate them unaware that doing so merely redirects the focus of grievance. They don’t want help. They want to be miserable. I have learned the hard way and have no more time for these people.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      They want to be miserable because it serves a purpose.
      That purpose is to manipulate the rest of us, and to extort through misplaced guilt (by preying on our good nature) money and resources to both enrich themselves and advance our causes but to also harm us as well.
      There is nothing a deviant wants so much as public adulation, and now they can compel us to give it.

      BTW, nice name!

  • Editor

    Maybe if they didn’t define themselves almost exclusively by their “LGBTQness” and realized and accepted how few f*cks the rest of society gives about who they boink and came to the realization they are not the center of the universe they wouldn’t feel so “marginalized”. Bunch of infantile narcissists.

  • DMB

    Speaking of “Homonormative” the “official” spokesperson of the downtown Toronto Liberal elite Steven LeDrew who often appears on CP24 was on Fox News Tucker Carlson t.v. show were he went on how important it was be inclusive when it comes to addressing homosexuals by reciting every letter and even a number or two in the alphabet. LeDrew admitted to Tucker Carlson that he had no idea what every letter or number represented but that didn’t matter to him since what was important is to virtual signal how progressive and understanding he is to homosexuals. I remember years ago watching him on CP24 were he had a call in segment on what it meant to be gay. There was this one woman who called in with a very monochromatic voice who literally sounded like she was reading a script. Steven LeDrew was there nearly coaching her by repeatedly noting as if he knew in advance what she was going to say. This happened long before the term fake news was coined. Skip forward to 19:10 in the video.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops