A Profound Miscarriage of Justice

Steyn: Steinle verdict was ‘miscarriage of justice’

  • Shebel

    I would love to see Mark Stein have a debate with Justin Trudeau.

  • Heltau

    Fracken wanking libturds.
    If you can afford it get out of mexafornia as soon as possible.
    It sure is NOT going to get better in the next 20 years.
    I am stuck here with family. They will NOT move from this state. They see no problem with what is going on in this state.

  • SDMatt

    England lets its women be raped for the sake of multiculturalism, the U.S. lets a women be killed for the sake of multiculturalism.

  • canminuteman

    Californians voted for it, not they’re getting it good and hard. A lot more people will likely have to die before they learn.