Woman, 32, is left with a horrific head wound after three Asian thugs beat her in the street in a ‘racially aggravated’ attack

Nikki Hurst, 32, was assaulted by three Asian men as she walked down in Lady Ann Road in Batley, West Yorkshire.

Police described the attack, which began when the trio approached Ms Hurst and launched verbal abuse before pushing and kicking her, as ‘racially aggravated’.

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Please RT: Nikki Hurst was assaulted by Muslim men in a racially motivated attack. However, Batley’s Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf doesn’t appear to be planning to investigate. See ‘s interview w/ Nikki & sign the petition

  • Martin B

    Inspector Mohammed. That sums up the future of Britain.

    • Exile1981

      No nead to investigate. His buddies at mosque were bragging about having done it, but since she was out without a covering and without realitives the investigator thinks she deserved it.

  • They’re not Asian, they’re Caucasian — if their origins are from the M.E. then they are generally members of the very broad Caucasian race. Otherwise to be consistent then the Brits would have to start calling Israelis “Asians” as well. Muslims from the M.E. are Caucasian just like Israelis, not Asian.

    Where the hell did the Brits get their Anthropological methodology from, the Nazis? Because it was Nazi anthropologists who first invented their own mythological race — they called themselves “Aryans”. With zero Anthro evidence that the Germanic peoples had any relation to a tribe of the same name that reportedly once inhabited a tiny area of northern ancient Persia. Much less that the original Persian tribe should be considered a separate race in the first place.

    This is what happens when science takes a back seat to race-baiting politics.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I agree 100%: the bs being pushed as racism just keeps the stupid, stupid. the ME folks are caucasian. The folks from the Indian sub continent are also caucasian, they just got toasted a bit longer.

      • Ha! “toasted a bit longer” — I like it. Although a more academic term would probably be “mixed-race”, ad-mixture, etc. Sorta like most Latin Americans, who are not in fact a separate race of “brown people”, they are generally mixed race (Spanish-Caucasian/Aboriginal).

        Not that it should matter — who gives a s**t about race? The Left has us running in circles and chasing our tails over the issue when race has nothing to do with it. It’s about a political-religious violent/enforced ideology, composed of adherents from ALL races and Nationalities worldwide. They espouse a theocratic dictatorship, not a racial dictatorship.

  • Mark Matis

    If “Law Enforcement” and their families start to enjoy these festivities, things will change very quickly. I wonder how many “Law Enforcement” spouses would tolerate this being done to them, and for how long?

  • Exile1981

    I assume it’s the usual ‘asian’ = pakistani muslims.

    • Except apparently African Muslims are also “Asians” (or sometimes they generally refer to them all as “Somalis”). Even Pakistanis are more accurately “Indo-Asian” — they’re nothing like the Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, or even Vietnamese, etc.

      It’s not about race, ethnicity, or Nationality, it’s about a specific political religion: Islam.

  • bargogx1

    “Asian”. That’s keeping it nice and vague.

  • WalterBannon

    you can file a complaint against Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf at:


    these are the details needed:

    Complaint details
    Lady Ann Road in Batley, West Yorkshire, near the Mill Village Shopping

    Date: 31/10/2017
    Time: 6.45am

    crime reference 13170506171
    Despite this happening over one month ago, Batley’s Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf has still not taken the victim’s statement and doesn’t appear to be planning to
    investigate. Instead the victim has been advised that she could potentially incite riots by publishing her story. Inspector Mohammed Rauf’s malfeasance in this case is on par with the officers who covered up the Rotherham rape gangs. Inspector Rauf should be charged with obstruction of justice and dismissed from the police.

    Who is the complaint against?:
    Police Inspector Mohammed Rauf

    Police station: Batley and Spen Ward in Kirklees
    Ethnicity: Any other asian backgound

  • Hard Little Machine

    Is that a crime?