Tories Didn’t Do Enough To Prevent Terrorism. Now Canada Is Catching Up

Since the beginning of the evil rampage of barbarism and death launched by Daesh in Syria and Iraq (and elsewhere) a few years ago, thousands of individuals from various other countries have been lured into the terrorist cause and have travelled into that region and beyond to participate in some way.

 Working closely with their international partners, Canada’s excellent security, intelligence and police agencies have identified approximately 250 of these so-called “extremist travellers” with a connection to this country who have journeyed to various locations overseas. About 60 are back in Canada, while some 190 remain abroad, including many who are likely dead.
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    So hard to tell when you are vote whoring or bullshitting or just being your always entertaining self.

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    Tightened definition in Bill C-59 will make it easier to charge those promoting terrorism, Goodale says

    • Except Goodale’s definition of a “terrorist” is anybody who criticizes Liberal Party policies. Islamic terrorism? Well that’s something they don’t even believe exists, which is why they pulled Canada’s fighter jets out of the war, claiming that “climate change” was a more imminent threat.

      Yeah Ralphie, we all know how to interpret Liberal double-speak. You’ve been around long enough now that we are quite fluent in the language.