The Whiteness Protection Program

As a criminology professor, I spend a lot of time counseling students who are getting abused in the classroom. In fact, any white male that decides to become a police officer can expect to be attacked viciously by Marxists trying to “transform” the criminal justice system indirectly through classroom indoctrination. These people aren’t criminal justice professionals. They aren’t even teachers. They are tenured bigots invading an institution they wish to destroy. They are sort of like the atheists who enter seminary just to undermine religion.

  • dukestreet

    One problem I see with this is that you can’t use your degree to get a job. It’s issued to someone who is opposite to you. If you do use it, with an explanation, the employer won’t hire you because of your dishonesty in getting the degree.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    The guy who created the extremely popular game “Minecraft” and sold it for $2.5 Billion to Microsoft tweeted “It’s okay to be White” to his 3.87 Million followers.

  • Watchman

    Is that anything like a Communist entering the Vatican City to destroy as much of the Catholic Church as he can while posing as the head of said church? Or another Communist (verified) becoming the head of Germany in order to destroy the Western countries in Europe in addition to Germany?