Shelter for Muslim women fleeing violence opens in Windsor

Windsor this week became the third city in Canada to open a shelter for Muslim women fleeing domestic violence or poverty.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That’s un-Koranic and so is Islamophobic!

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    A shelter for women fleeing POVERTY?
    WTH kind of giveaway of taxpayer monies will this be?

    • Observer

      The usual but with an added Islamic flavour.

      • Gary

        Watch how polygamy cases soar where the wives allege abuse and each now get Housing and Welfare but still pump out babies by the same alleged abuser.
        In Toronto…. I found one of these shelters in the Blue Pages for Gov Dept’s . I felt like a sucker after all those years of the CBC bring on Imams or Sheema Khan from CAIR that spoke about islam being a religion of Peace .
        All those years we heard about islamophobia and hate-crimes to muslims that are peaceful people that just want to go to the mosque, get kids to school, go to their jobs and pay taxes like other people do.

        So why did Toronto have a special 1-800 number in the phone book that was for MUSLIM women needing shelter to flee domestic violence.
        We have shelters now for women in these cases…..Muslims are not some Master-Race that needs to be segregated in every case from us filthy unbelievers. They will want a Mosque build in the shelter, staff with Hijabs , Halal food , prayer rugs, qurans, madrass for the children and Arabic signs next to any English ones.
        This will grow until it becomes a de-facto Caliphate NO-GO zone where the husband moves in and we CAN’T do a thing.

        There are about 600,000,000 women in an islamic based marraige or family that would qualify for a refugee claim in Canada .
        This is Allah’s problem for the Muslims to solve….not our problem once they are shipped here .

    • Exile1981

      Well when your husband takes 90% of your welfare cheque to buy himself a 5th wife… you can find it hard to feed your 7 children.

      • Watchman

        A fifth wife would be illegal under Shari’a law. The proper way to do this is to determine your least favourite wife and tell her “Talaq, Talaq, Talaq” and at that moment she is no longer your wife. Now you are free to marry that otherwise fifth wife. Success!

        Of course under Canadian law you officially have only one wife, but it really doesn’t matter if you have just divorced your ‘official’ wife, because you as a muslim should not have officially married anyone anyway and kept all four wives as married only in the eyes of the imam and muslim community. In this way, all your four wives can claim that they are single mothers, receive the single mother welfare by claiming that the father of their children has absconded and they don’t know who or where they are, and yet still hand you over all of these welfare payments so that you can disburse that back again as a good husband should.

        • Exile1981

          Your right a maximum ofv4 wives but sexual slaves he can have more.

          • DMB

            Or a Muta which is a temporary intercourse marriage were a Muslim man and woman can marry each other to take care of their “sexual emergencies” they have for each other could make up a 5th wife. Islam is full of morality loopholes.

          • Watchman

            No, no, that would still be a haram fifth wife even if it is for a whole minute to allow sexual satisfaction to be reached by the man. Wandering the streets looking for a kuffar woman to capture and have non-consensual sex with is covered under the Shari’a law that allows sex with an unlimited number of infidel captive females (not just women) under Qur’an Sura 4:24.

          • Will Quest
  • ontario john

    Meanwhile the Ontario Human Rights Commission is investigating the Toronto police for racial profiling and being mean to blacks. Because as we all know, criminal activity doesn’t exist in the black community. Especially by blacks named mohammad.

  • Watchman

    So muslim women fleeing violence? That would have to mean wives becoming non-muslim and thus subject to summary death for apostasy. Islam is fully in support of violence against wives with Qur’an Sura 4:34 and if the women don’t like this they should either obey their husbands or they should become non-muslims.

  • Krista Kay

    Does any other religious group have a publicly funded exclusive facility just for them? Have publicly funded muslim facilities that ‘accept others’ really ensure “others” are welcome?

  • Tooth&Claw

    Why a separate and parallel system in place for Mo following women? Why are they ‘special’?
    Now we’re practicing religious apartheid.

    • Gary

      My gut feeling is that this is a Welfare scam for the Muslims that practice Polygamy where each wife alleges abuse to get Welfare and Housing plus about $500.00 a month per future jihadist.
      Imagine the 4 wives with 3 children each raking in close to $12000.00 Tax-free and yet still have more children with the person they said they had to flee.
      This fraud already goes on but now the Muslims in Windsor caught on .
      Why would a feminist like Justin want to flood Canada with wife-beaters that may also be homophobic jew-hating pedophiles.

      • Tooth&Claw

        I suspect you’re right, but who do we tell?

    • Will Quest

      It’s about Just-in’s identity politics …..
      Just’in’s vile identity politics ……
      This is pure unadulterated identity politics meant to destroy social cohesion and gut our society on tribal/ideological lines ……

  • ntt1

    too bad it doesn’t also offer counseling on leaving islam,and choosing a truly peaceful religion. they say we all have a god shaped hole within us all, given that, there are many benign religions that don’t call for chopping off clitorises and making women wear tents.

  • mobuyus

    The fleeing shafia women only made it as far as the bottom of the Rideau canal outside Kingston. This shelter will be seen as a house of prostitution by the islamicaly pious wifebeater.

    • Tooth&Claw

      I suspect the zakat they collect won’t go far…after all, it’s women hating men that run that show.

    • Gary

      Easy target for a suicide-bomber to kill these sluts as a favour to allah.
      Just walk right in with a Niqab or black saudi burka because nobody on staff wants to lose their $60K a year job as an alleged racist islamophobe to stop the person and demand ID .
      We already have a Video on YouTube that showed 2 Black Clad person walk right by the Security Check point prior to people boarding a Plane in Ottawa’s Airport which was an International flight .

      In the last 15 years I have NEVER seen a police car stop a driver with a Hijab or Niqab in my area , even when there are 3 mosques in my area of Toronto and lots of persons driving around with those head dresses and those on the street walking.

      What are the odds that not 1 of them made a driving error or had a burned out light .

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    This makes me feel ever so vibrant.