On UK and Radical Islam, President Trump Is Absolutely Correct — They’re ‘Overrun’

The cold reality is that May’s country is indeed — per an official statement from her administration, even — overrun with tens of thousands of radical Islamists and hundreds of former ISIS fighters. The stunning admission came recently from British intelligence, and was then confirmed by UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd. They had identified a staggering 23,000 radical Islamists in the UK who could potentially conduct terror attacks…

  • Watchman

    British bollard makers and stab-proof vest makers are working to eliminate the problem once and for all. /sarc

  • Alain

    The sad truth about the situation in the UK, brought on and imposed by government and elites, is all the evidence required. Can’t even begin to keep up with all the Muslim jihadist attacks and damage which is only increasing. Denying this reality and claiming that Trump or anyone pointing out the truth is problem just adds to their dire situation.

    • Millie_Woods

      An inconvenient truth.

  • Blind Druid

    Around 2025 would be my guess as to when it’s gonna get real ugly in the U.K. By then, the influx of fresh “enrichment” plus the reproductive spawn of the present new citizens will tip the Muzz factor past the critical point. But the Brits won’t go down without a fight. Because of P.C. and their lying media and politicos, their lives will almost have to be reduced to full dhimmitude before their heads come out of the sand and they start to fight back. But fight back they will — because they are Brits.