Muslim population of the UK could triple to 13m following ‘record’ influx

Under the model which assumes median migration levels, the number of Muslims in the country would rise from 4.1m in 2016 to 13m in 2050.

The US-based think tank says that the UK has been the major destination for economic migrants coming to Europe, while Germany has been the top destination for refugees. 

  • JoKeR
  • Progressives believe fantasy.

    Islamo reality is getting ready to deliver the hard cold jihad facts.

  • How could this go wrong?

    • WalterBannon

      let me count the numerous ways and get back to you… this could take a while

  • Observer

    Add in the long chain migration supported by the elite to the illegal immigration and the numbers can be far higher than even that.

    • Watchman

      Add the birthrate:
      Look down the page at the map of the most common boys names for 2016: Mohammad in the West Midlands and London areas, even they’re only supposed to be 5% of the population overall in Britain. Note also they choose not to aggregate the variations of the name ‘Mohammad’ but keep them as if they were totally separate names. I think anyone but muslims would name their child Mohammad, so it shows a religion’s dominance in certain areas.

  • ed

    HIJRAH migration jihad into none muslim lands , a 1500 year old koranic instruction !

    • Reader

      I remember when Lebanon was a Christian country, and Afghanistan, Buddhist.

  • dapto

    Britton has surrendered to Merkel/soros 4th reich so why not surrender here to