GOLDSTEIN: We already know Trudeau’s ethical standards

In the Kabuki theatre of Parliament Hill, the fact Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer called Wednesday for Finance Minister Bill Morneau to resign means hell could freeze over before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will fire him.

Because that’s the issue, since Morneau has no intention of resigning.

  • dapto

    Canada will be bankrupted before Trudope is ousted at the next election.

    • Alain

      If the truth were told I suspect it already is; just not yet acknowledged. Consider the huge amount of spending and waste by the federal Liberals, add in most of the provincial governments’ waste and spending along with the killing of the major national resources, and there is no way that Canada is not already bankrupted.

      • Chris

        That, I believe, is the ultimate goal of the globalists. As more and more western democracies adopt socialist platforms and their cumulative debts become too large to handle look for the UN to offer to step in and assume control until a management plan can be put in place, which of course will never appear.

  • shasta

    — Off Topic a bit–

    According to Tucker Carlson; former president of Canada’s liberal party Stephen LeDrew, who appeared on his program last night has been suspended from the CTV “news” network for appearing on the show.

    • H

      Oh ffs. CTV is just as corrupt as the CBC, Global … Damn, but I loathe the MSM.

  • BillyHW

    Being a Liberal means never having to resign for anything.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Ethics? Trudeau doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Now, he does know the words expediency, convenience, and manipulation.

  • That Morneau is not being dumped even for political reasons means that either the Liberals have some kind of ace up their sleeves or they are a kind of stupid that science has yet to define.