Facebook’s A.I. To Scan Posts For Signs Of Suicide, Terrorist Content

Mark Zuckerberg is hailing A.I.’s ability to “save lives,” but not everyone is giving this move a “like.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    What about all the fake accounts written by bots?

  • Uncommunist

    All depressed conservatives due to the leftist state of corruption and affairs will now be rounded up and imprisoned as ‘terrorists’ by other corrupt leftists.

  • Watchman

    Does that trigger for every Progressive or SJW that supports unlimited muslim immigration in their own country? After all this is essentially a slow suicide.

  • shasta

    I thought that leftest policy was that the world was overpopulated. Why then are they interfering with an adult’s right to voluntarily contribute to solving this problem? I suppose that having a right to your own life is just too passé these days.

  • Bla Bla

    Oops, looks like a typo on the headline – here
    Facebook’s A.I. To Scan Posts For Signs Of Conservative Thought, Anti-LGBTTQQIAAPBRAAAAAAP Content

  • QiPo

    IF the possibility of saving lives exists, will its opposite?

  • Observer

    And mostly to scan against “islamophobia” or conservative postings.

  • Allan

    Probably deletes content CRITICIZING ISIS and Islamists

  • Malcolm Y

    What makes me suicidal is the thought that Zuckerberg is a billionaire.