Emmanuel Macron announces EU plan to launch ‘concrete military action’ to rescue African migrants enslaved in Libya

The furore over illicit slave auctions, highlighted in a recent CNN report, was thrust to the top of the agenda among the 83 heads of state from the EU and Africa gathered in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, for a two-day summit.

  • Watchman

    Let me guess: the EU will offer to rescue the slaves being sold, probably by wandering into the market with a big wad of cash and buying up all the slaves. Then the slavers will be forever out of business as there are no more slaves to buy and sell, right? No. The slavers will grab some more travellers yearning to be smuggled into Europe and sell them, and it’s likely that the EU will come in again and buy up that lot too. The slavers will then have to get another lot, and so the cycle will continue.

    Meanwhile, the EU will offer free trips home for the purchased slaves, and because the now ex-slaves really didn’t want to be in their home country anyway, will refuse. The EU can’t dump them outside the slave markets where they will be captured and sold again, so it will have no choice but to fly them to Europe where they will be lauded as heroic ex-slaves and gain much sympathy as acclaimed legitimate new ‘refugees’.

    Once the people smugglers realise this, they will set up fake slave markets where thousands of hopeful EU immigrants will pay handsomely for their opportunity to be sold in the slave markets. The EU will be notified by the people smugglers of the existence of their own slave markets and expected to spend more money to purchase these ‘slaves’ and fly them to Europe.

    The EU will attempt to pay money for the Libyan government to stop the slave trade but this will be useless since this market goes on with government approval anyway. Slavery is legal and not immoral in islam: the best that it offers is praise for freeing a slave, not condemnation of slavery itself.

    • ntt1

      eventually an African beach head will be needed as a landing area for deported africans. Libya is well situated. Seize a few square miles of territory including the muslim slavers, then set up a reverse Guantanamo, landing deportees free to go home or where ever in their own continent. as for the muslims just keep destroying their ability to wage 21st century war.

  • robins111

    This could be fun to watch… The north American lefties have been ranting away at the slavery issue for decades, studiously avoiding any mention, that black slavery is very common in the middle east far east and africa… They’ll actually have to open the Pandora’s Box

    • Watchman

      According to SJWs and BLM slavery that ended 150 years ago is far worse than slavery that is going on right now, and must be addressed before any of the current slaves’ needs.

  • mobuyus

    macaroon can have his French Foreign Legion rescue the slaves and deposit them at his plantation.

  • Ego

    This mini Napoleon wants to rescue enslaved migrants—what about the whole of Europe that needs saving as the clock is ticking to midnight?
    What the EU is and has been doing is trying varied ways of buying off invaders. First bribing Turkey, then offering the same to northern African states, and now to Africa at large.
    The Brits know it by the name of Danegeld, and Kipling knew where it will lead:
    “once you have paid him the Dane-geld, You never get rid of the Dane.”
    Apart from being cowardly and dishonest, the scheme won’t even work. All Merkel achieved by showering Erdogan with money is a pent-up mass of migrants Erdogan loose on Europe any time at will, and the EU is now going to repeat this terrible mistake with a whole swath of African countries.
    And the scheme is not only dishonest because the EU wants to pay other countries to do its dirty work; it is dishonest because it uses the slaving issue as a PR tool to shove yet more “migrants” down member states’ throats.
    The EU has become so devoid of real moral and values that it is now unable to get up off its fat backside and fight—there is nothing left for it to fight for.
    What we are witnessing is euthanasia on a multi-national scale.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That is not satire

  • Ed

    He announced a plan.

    Yep. Sounds about right.