Counter-terror police make ‘significant’ arrests as alleged plot is foiled

The arrests, described as “significant”, took place on Tuesday afternoon, the first in north London and the second in Birmingham. The alleged plot is believed to have been inspired by Islamic State propaganda and one of the more serious seen this year, investigators believe.

  • WalterBannon

    religion of peace… humbug

    Trudeau is a malfeasant douche for bringing more of them here, and for obstructing the RCMP from vetting them. He should be charged.

  • Watchman

    I guess by this standard, arresting anti-islam Britons must be the ‘significant’ arrests, so as to be able to throw them into gaol where they can die.

    Of course arresting muslims rape gangs in places like Rochdale and Birmingham was not important enough to bother with for over a decade, so we already know what constitutes the British idea of ‘significant’ crime. A million girls might have been victims, but still this wasn’t worth getting the police seriously involved until the last few years.

  • Gary

    I’m so glad that I will be dead and gone when the day comes in Toronto that people are expected to be glad when a week goes by with NO muslim Jihad terrorism attacks.
    Why the hell did my Parents serve for Canada from 1942-45 to keep out the Master-Race fascists only to see the Trudeau’s and Liberals let the Master-Faith Neo Fascists just walk right in as ” refugees ” or immigrants by the plane loads .

    • H

      Was Canada always like this? It seems to me that it must have been different once, a place of quiet and relative peace But if so, it was a long time ago…. Now it’s just another backward, violent, unfree, impoverished islamic hellhole of a nation. It’s kind are a dime a dozen around the world.

      • Gary

        Every election in Toronto for the Mayor we keep hearing them live in the 1960’s when they speak about how clean and safe the City is.
        The street car operators and bus drivers had a Change machine because the Sold Tickets and had large amount of many on them because they assume they would be robbed.
        My friends were around 11 when we took the Transit to the CNE for the day and came back safe. The local Park was clean and free of bullies or drug dealers plus gang tags by spray paint , we also had just 2 people in our are on Welfare as true hardship cases where the Church helped with food baskets and gifts at Christmas for any kids.
        When I wasn’t in school yet my older brother ( 6 ) and I boarded a Street car and sat near the Operator for a 30 minute ride to see our Grand Mother .. or see a Movie where a relative worked right by Yonge and College .
        At around 8 , it was normal for us kids to buy cigarettes for a Parent because store owners knew we had 2 parents and had morals that we took them home and didn’t smoke them .
        We had to attend the school in our area that made us walk there while coming home for Lunch , this meant that the teachers knew us from the area and most of us kids knew the others or their brother or sister .

        The bigotry back then was the class structure for blue collar family areas and the division for Catholics and Protestants where the Police Uniform WAS Uniform with no religious symbols to appear fair no matter who calls for help.
        It wasn’t perfect but I never saw any overt racism or attacks on Black kids at my school which we often American from a Parent they move to Toronto for their Job .

        Along came Trudeau that was so open minded as a Catholic that half his brain fell out . He never made the connection that the People in Canada made the Nation safe and prosperous and not that Canada made them that way.
        So Pierre Trudeau wanted to rescue the World and opened the door to any Culture or Religion that could be just like us by moving here
        because Canada will make you hard working and honest.

        Toronto now has a guns& Gang crisis on top of the growing Welfare Industrial Complex that adds to the 300,000+ illegals that don’t care about our Laws and Don’t want our Citizenship to pay taxes and share the debt .
        Census Canada just reported that Toronto is 51% non-white ( national # about 14% ) and 50+% non-Canadian background while the Police now promote a Religion and Hire because of the religion where the Person can wear any piece of dress to show their faith .

        It’s no big deal to me because I’m close to being forced out of the City I was born in to parents born in Canada while my father is part American native and served in WW2.
        Enjoy what you see now in Toronto because the city will morph into what the largest Cultural wants so it just like the hell-hole their great grandparent fled for abetter life .

        Take a good look at Detroit right now because it used to be among the top 3 Cities on Earth for the Income per worker and standard of living . Public Unions bankrupted the Detroit ( current managers on
        retirement get over $120,000.00 a year ) while the Auto Unions and Big-3 were greedy as well .
        Toronto’s debt is now at $5,000,000,000.00 and racing toward $6 billion because the Election is coming and we can expect more promises for Public transit … but post-Election the winner is CUPE , Teachers and the Arts Community.