Woe to Liberal Predatory Men

A couple weeks ago, I joked on Twitter that maybe the reason liberal women hate men is because they’re around liberal men. Maybe it’s not a joke. Maybe it’s the reality.

  • Gary

    What we need is someone with money to offer Justin’s victims more than he gave them to shut up.
    He supports sharia and gender-cide abortion to girl babies while have a pro-life wife and White plus born in canada. Yet he call others racist xenophobes islamophobe trans-phobes with a catholic heterosexual wife and has the nerve to tell the UN he’s a Feminist and opposes racist and hated towards muslims.
    Where’s his non-white trans-gender refugee muslim working wife that had all their kids aborted via abortions as pro-choice to prove what Justin stand for .

  • UCSPanther

    I love the spoof magazine cover. It is Mad Magazine tier satire…

  • Once assumes that they do it to blend into the sheep as a wolf in woolly clothing.

    • ntt1

      My best wolf insheepclothing story is a comment made by some young indian carvers a few years back, they were talking about heading to the bar at Simon Fraser University and banging liberal chicks, its easy one said; just tell them you are a shaman .

      • My skin just crawled.

        • ntt1

          Im sorry it upset you, I thought it was hilarious. so did they ,and the liberal chicks get another knotch in their diversity belt even if it was a bit fraudulent. so its happiness all round.