White House correspondent for right wing website arrested as UConn students disrupt his speech

Lucian Wintrich, a credentialed White House correspondent for Gateway Pundit, a right-wing website, was arrested Tuesday night after a scuffle broke out as he was trying to deliver a speech titled “It’s OK to be White” at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

The speech, sponsored by the campus College Republicans and attended by about 350 people, had been largely drowned out by protesters shouting “Go home Nazis,” “Black Lives matter” and “F–k you,”according to the Daily Campus, the student newspaper.

Video of the incident showed several young people approaching the podium where Wintrich was standing. According to the Hartford Courant, which covered the event, they began “yelling at Wintrich.”  A woman then took from the lectern a sheaf of papers, apparently the text of Wintrich’s speech, and walked away with them. Wintrich pursued her and grabbed her in an apparent effort to retrieve the papers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If you’re going to get arrested for giving a speech you may as well kick all their fucking teeth down their throats. Seriously, just start smashing.

    • Gary

      From what I see as an example to have Politicians and Police listen to me
      as a peaceful Canadian born here with Canadian grandparents ….. I need to get more barbaric and hate filled as ANTIFA and Muslims where the fear of terrorism is more dire and real .
      The old Canada is dead where voters guided the direction and morals…..now the treasonous weasels run for Office to promise whatever it take to get elected and THEN make Canada what they want it to be while the Courts march in lock step .
      When I was at a Humans Rights tribunal the person in charge ask me why I didn’t have a Lawyer. I told them that Lawyers and Judges support slavery and defended women not having the Right to vote. My rights as a Human came to me at Birth and it’s not up to the nabob’s and quasi-gods in Robes to grand me Rights .
      My claims were met with disdain but was proven in the last 20 minutes when I was pressured into Mediation to settle this so I would sign an NDA to seal the case for good. But I was screwed over as someone with a disability and out almost $300,000.00 ( with no severance after 24 years) by one of the big 5 Banks ans all their Lawyer offered was 2 years of Benefits for Dental and a letter of Recommendation for my next job.
      The Human Rights Complaint system is a fraud because it favoured my Employer which made no sense until I found a Photo of Barbara Hall at a Bank function to support her causes with $200,000.00 and I saw they also got an Award for their Human Resources effort for equality and Diversity.
      My background is native American where Quebec and Vermont created a Border to split up the natives where the Vermont ones are down to under 200 people with mixed blood. The Quebec portion of the tribe doesn’t have status in canada because the 1st nations fascists see my father as American and won’t allow his people on Canada’s list for Aboriginal even when the history shows it going back at least 6000 years .

      The wealthy white Liberals like Trudeau and Bob Rae cater to the rich for cheap labour to do their dirty work in their factories or landscaping. So they set up a Store Front window with signs to fool the people that they care about Human rights …but when you enter you see a money machine with all the minority groups lined up to cash in and Vote Liberals which keeps them in their ghettos and the hell out of the White Liberal neighbourhoods.

      • Uncommunist

        If possible message me privately.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)
  • You can tell he’s Conservative because he has a sense of humor.

  • Watchman

    I believe you are allowed to use proportional force to retrieve your stolen property or to make a citizens arrest for that theft. He may have used force deemed to be excessive: it’s hard to tell. It could be a set up of him. He really does need a good lawyer as she seems to have the unlimited legal resources of the state helping the female that took his papers.

    • WalterBannon

      You have the right under the CRIMES ACT 1961 to defend your property from the offence of theft and you are not criminally liable for doing so.

      The right to defend your property is similar to that of self-defense against a physical attack, in that you are justified in using “reasonable force”

  • Covfefeghost

    Soooooo the leftards commited the crimes and he get’s arrested? No, no bias there, nooooooo

  • tom_billesley

    Allowing someone to approach the podium is a security fail. What was the dummy in the corner there for?

    • Watchman

      To arrest the conservative speaker if they can possibly do so, of course!

  • Tom Forsythe

    Leftists think the rules don’t apply to them. This is an example of why.

    • Alain

      They know the rules do not apply to them.

  • WalterBannon

    why was the thief not arrested?