US regulator says Silicon Valley is threat to internet

A top US regulator, defending an effort to roll back so-called “net neutrality” rules, said Tuesday that large internet platforms represent the biggest threat to online freedom because they routinely block “content they don’t like.”

  • Brett McS

    Interesting that the graphic used to illustrate the story is from the opening credits of Silicon Valley. The central character of that show (spoiler alert!) is working towards creating a completely distributed internet using networks of smart devices (phones etc) that would frustrate any attempts at regulating and corralling of it by big business or governments.

    A founding principle of the show is that everything computer-related that happens was first vetted by experts as being technically feasible, at the leading edge or just beyond it.

    So if that is the case – and it is in the case of the distributed internet idea – then the actual Silicon Valley could also be the solution to the problem.

    And Silicon Valley the HBO series is the funniest show around, although perhaps it helps to be a geek. *ahem*.

  • robins111

    But but they only ban mean stuff. Like conservative things.

  • Millie_Woods
  • Hard Little Machine

    One of the big firms, facebook, Alphabet, etc will likely try to establish themselves as a country soon. That’s really their only competition at this point.