The thought police take on academia and beyond

Tell me, please, what real difference is there – aside from the sex part – between a powerful media figure pressuring a starlet to do things she otherwise wouldn’t just to earn a role and supervising profs coercing a grad student to compromise her ideals?

  • Spatchcocked

    None whatsoever. The students will lie on their backs for the marks and the actresses for the roles……I’ve seen this often.
    Maybe if Harvey had affected leather elbow patches ?
    Maybe if the women weren’t such profligate whores ?

    • Exile1981

      I went to university in 91. I had a girl in my chemistry class who was upset the prof was gay. She couldn’t earn her grades on her back and wanted a straight prof instead.

      • Watchman

        She was just preparing herself for a career in the real world because that behaviour does work in the real world – if you are pretty enough.

        • Exile1981

          Well she wasn’t going to get by on her personality. I guess if you like peroxide blondes with big hairdos and grating voices then she could get by on her looks.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Again though, no one has the right to say they can’t make a living teaching in any college today. Just put your feet up, slap in the ear buds and declare study hall for all. Instant A. Take another job that you can do in class while you’re ‘teaching’.

    • Watchman

      ‘Another job’ being ‘Antifa community organiser and activist’?