Tampa police arrest possible serial killer in Seminole Heights

A dragnet in the city of Tampa came to an end late Tuesday after police arrested a man who will face murder charges in connection with four killings that terrorized the neighborhood of Seminole Heights and sparked fears of a serial killer.

  • robins111

    But but but. Most serial killers are white. Even though statistically 26% are black, twice the population percentage

    • Watchman

      It the “Reverse Shaun King Effect” where being a serial killer is ‘acting white’ even if you appear to be black. Who are we to judge if by a person’s very actions he stands with the racist, murderous, white patriarchy instead of the peaceful black community?

    • Exile1981

      That 26% doesn’t count the ones who go polar bear hunting and haven’t managed to kill anyone yet… and it doesn’t count in people who routinely kill during home invasions or robberies.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The news was interested in this when they imagined the killer was white. They’re dropping the reporting now.

  • David_Martin