Spies more free to use cellphone surveillance tech without warrant, under court ruling

A federal court judge has ruled that Canada’s domestic spy agency can continue to use contentious cellphone surveillance devices without a warrant, in some cases.

For several years, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has used a device it calls a Cell Site Simulator (CSS) to collect information about cellphones and other cellular-capable devices — such as some laptops or tablets — during its national security investigations.

The devices are perhaps better known as IMSI Catchers or Stingrays, and pretend to be legitimate cellphone towers in order to collect information. Privacy advocates have long criticized the technology for how it indiscriminately gathers data, not merely on the subject of an investigation, but on all of the cellular devices in its operating radius.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Let’s hope they show no mercy for illiberal viewpoints in Canada.

  • Gary

    About 5 years ago I warned someone about their wireless phone where a special software was used by the Government that was created by the Phone makers to test them prior to the sales.
    They thought I was paranoid and made it up . But we are now seeing how your Smart TV can be watching and hearing you by the webcam and built in mic which is also on all PC motherboards since about 2010 .
    Each phone has an Identifier for the SIM chip to work and trace where it is once in use. The software only needs to know your phone number to enter the circuit board via a back door where the phone doesn’t light up or ring because it bypasses those commands.
    It uses the battery for the power to activate the Mic and listen to whatever is going on.
    It was about 20 years ago I had predicted that cars will be so complicated with computers that it could be controlled remotely for some function by satellite such as opening power door locks or doing an on board test as you drive for warranty reason and mileage ratings. I also said that the Police will one day be able to use your Plate ID to get into the Computer Module and slow the car down to catch you or turn off the power to stop it instead of a car chase.
    There are some new Invention that will shock you which include a jacket with nano solar cells in the fibers that power the interface socket where it charges your phone as you walk in sunlight. The current WiFi system will morph into the LiFi very soon where it’s Wireless Fidelity based on the FM radio band will be Light based for better reception where photons are a particle and wave .
    You will also see electricity travel by the FM radio wave for wireless phone to charge the battery via backwards technology to keep some older FM based phones.
    Nano-bots can go inside you by a drink where they seek out Cancer or Plaque to destroy it once they get in your blood . But , those same nano-bots can dope your drink in a cafe or restaurant by a Government mole and then react to the GPS scan system to follow you as a suspect in a crime.

    • 5 years ago was like a century. I remember posting a comment on a blog back then mentioning how cell phones could broadcast your geo-location, and how this could be exploited by law enforcement without a warrant. Practically nobody believed you could be geo-located by your cell phone a mere five years ago.

  • Alain

    Just another thing brought to us by unwanted Muslim immigration. The invaders provide Big Mama an excuse to remove our freedoms bit by bit. Gee, that could never be the reason for supporting mass invasion by Muslims.

  • WalterBannon

    Heil Trudeau