Rogers to cut off support for Viceland TV station

Rogers Media Inc. has informed its partner Vice Media Canada Inc. that it no longer plans to financially support the Viceland television channel, leaving the upstart station’s future in Canada uncertain.

The TV channel aimed at a younger adult audience – which launched early last year, at the same time as a sister station with the same name in the U.S. – is a joint venture between Rogers Media and Vice, which also have a larger partnership that includes the Vice Canada content studio in the Liberty Village area in Toronto.

Maybe ratings driven, maybe something to do with the purported imminent expose of parent Vice the NY Times is said to be working on, maybe a bit of both.

  • DMB

    I don’t believe most people including myself have ever heard of Viceland tv channel. But then again there are many channels that currently get subsidized that many people have never heard off. TV channels should survive based upon their ability to gain advertisement revenue and ratings. If that was the case in Canada Sun TV would still be alive today instead of many of the useless channels we see such as the Sunset channel, fish tank channels (yes they really are channels), Out TV just to name a few.

    • Alain

      I have not watched any TV since SNN went off the air, so like you I have no idea what Viceland TV is or any of the others you mention.