Is It OK to Be White?

Is it OK to be white? The question is at once disingenuous, facetious, satirical, and self-parodic. It is also one of the consequential questions being posed in earnest by the moral and political vanguards of our time. The question invites the typical reader to resist its implications—to deny that the question is one that anyone would think to ask, or that people are asking. But people have thought to ask it, they are asking it. It is the sort of question that one doesn’t think to ask at all unless the answer is going to be no.

The pranksters who originally posed the question did so by interjecting a proposed answer into the physical world. The answer that they posted on signs and scraps of paper at universities and high schools in the United States and Canada was an affirmation in five uninflected words, rendered in a slender sans serif font in all caps on a plain white background. “It’s OK to be white.”

The flyers pose two questions: Who posted them? And, why? The answer to the first question is an online network of ironic, post-ironic, and deadly earnest white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and others hosted on forums such as 4Chan, the anonymous free-speech zone that is at once a predominant influence on the form that online communication now takes today, and a cardinal exemplar of the social hazards of unfettered speech. The answer to the second question is deducible from the news coverage that the flyers received. The news media fulfilled the prank’s aims, which were only achievable with its unwitting—and as the pranksters well understood, inevitable—collaboration.

In his heart you know the author doesn’t believe it’s OK.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    You must fight for your right to be white!

    • Liberal Progressive

      But Black Lives Matter says its a crime to be white.

      • Starlord

        Then they should go to their safe spaces in Africa.

  • Linda1000
    • Liberal Progressive

      I bet you’re even dreaming of a white Christmas, you wacist!

      • J. C.

        *Bing Crosby voice*

        “I’m dreaming of a white country
        One with no Arabs or Negroes
        Just a land of Caucasians
        And maybe a handful of Asians
        But no Jihadis, gangstas, pimps, or hoes…

        I’m dreaming of a white country
        Through every day and every night
        May the Left lose its power o’er the Right
        And may our future be gloriously whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite…”

        *bows* 😉

  • Linda1000
    • Exile1981

      I know the metrosexyal newspaper is free in calgary and edmonton, but unless your taking a copy to line a bird cage or wrap dead fish in… why bother taking one?

      • Tooth&Claw

        Most of the people I work with only take a copy for the sudoku and crossword.

        • Linda1000

          I do that if I happen to find the paper in restaurant or doctor’s office, etc.

      • Linda1000

        I don’t read it. I just found the pic online so thought the headline was a good example of how ridiculouslyrics biased the Cdn. Press can be.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      I refuse to pollute my Consciousness with the version of that utter rag here in the Lower Mainland.

  • BeukendaalMason

    It’s ok to be … Is a statement that never be needed to be stated (in reference to a ethnicity, religion, gender, or many other things). It is always ok to be who you are. It might not be ok in what ACTIONS you take (ie murder in the name of your religion, sexually assault/harass others, etc) but your ACTIONS are not solely reliant on your …

  • robins111

    It’s hysterical how a innocent statement could throw the left into a frothing rage.

    Those troublemakers at POL have them figured out and can get inside their heads like I’ve never seen before.

  • Andrew Pearce

    Who done it? ” an online network of ironic, post-ironic, and deadly earnest white
    nationalists, white supremacists, neo-Nazis … a cardinal exemplar of the social hazards of unfettered

    Well, also about 150+ million regular people who are sick and tired of being stomped on, most of whom don’t buy into that “social hazards of unfettered speech” BS..

    And why? Because they needed to, in their own defense. There’s something like 117 different kinds of whiteness, and pretty much zero sense of universal white culture. Sure, maybe you’re Polish, Italian, Latvian, Icelandic, whatever. Each one a niche, all alone. But they all get beat down 24-7 as if they were some kind of Borg hive-mind. Best defense being a good offense, maybe it’s long past high time to push for that homogeneity.

    Not only is it OK to be white, it freakin’ rocks.

  • robins111
  • DavidinNorthBurnaby
  • Watchman

    The next stage must be putting up flyers saying “It’s Okay To Be Half White” and an equal number of flyers saying “It’s Okay To Be Half Black” and stand back to watch the quandary the actual black racists are placed in and how they will attempt to tear down half of the flyers. Homework: determine which flyers will be torn down.