Cultural Defense in Ontario Marital Sexual Assault Case Draws Appeal

Canadian prosecutors have appealed a judge’s ruling acquitting a Palestinian Muslim of sexually assaulting his own wife, because of cultural beliefs that the wife should consent any time he wanted, the Ottawa Citizen reports.

  • G2

    Sharia law is not law of Canada.

    The judge who made that ruling is a clown. “Ignorance of the law is not a defense.” would apply to me, so it should apply to this thuggish, rapist jackass.
    The law should be the same for everyone who lives in this country. If you want to defend yourself by “in my culture” stay in the Ummah.
    This should be overturned and the judge should be asked to attend a remedial course in Canadian law, or resign.
    The time to stop this foolishness is now.

    • Watchman

      “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”[*]

      [*] Only if you are a white Canadian, others cultures and ethnicities are excluded from this principle of law.

      • Will Quest

        Just’in’s vile identity politics ……
        This is pure unadulterated identity politics meant to destroy social cohesion and gut our society ,,,,,

  • ontario john

    Diversity is our strength. Please don’t make Justin cry. I can’t handle it.

    • Liberal Progressive

      In a multicultural country we must accept that other cultures are at least equal to our own.

    • bob e

      ha ha ha ..

  • DMB

    In Justin Trudeau’s Canada it is so hateful to even dare question or even criticize anything involving Islam to the point were even disagreeing with his ISIS “reintegration” plan is Islamophobic considering how can one reintegrate when they never integrated in the first place.

    • Watchman

      The picture shows how the Muslim community sees Turdeau, but usually from the perspective where they can only see the top of his head when he’s catering to their wishes.

      • Bingo.

      • bob e

        he’s got good knees for the mosque too ..

    • ISIS thugs vote Liberal, so …

  • Chris

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is yet another glaring example of how the LPC cares for nothing but whoring themselves out for how ever many votes that they can get. The most important question that must be asked is what are we, the citizens of Canada, going to do about it? Until a political party includes judicial reform, inclusion of private property rights in our constitution and charter of rights and freedoms, the right of self defense (of person, family, and property), and true senate reform, all that we are told is just more of the same vote-whoring BS that every party is guilty of. Why does the Laurentian elite believe that only they should decide the course that Canada takes? Because WE let them.

    • A bit OT, but Tucker on fawks is interviewing a Liberal Party of Canada spokesperson right now — a stark example of identity politics, Official lies etc., on display for the world to see.

      Livestream (you’ll have to rewind about 15 minutes for the segment):

      • bob e

        really need this homie commercial huh ??

        • It honestly resembles the LPC “Trudeaumania” I remember from the ’60’s. Albeit the 2.0 version. But very much the same: “We are Canadian and we are superior because we live in utopia; You are American and you are inferior because you live in dystopia. But never ask us to explain why — it makes our brains hurt”.

  • Tooth&Claw
  • Tooth&Claw

    The judge needs to be asked if the husband was raped by an object used by his wife, would it be dismissed under martial privilege? Sauce for the goose…

    • Clink9

      And play it live on the Internets.

  • joan flaherty

    By that reasoning, the old Hindu practice of ‘Suttee’ – that of having the wife thrown on the dead husband’s funeral fire – would still be sanctioned.

    • Clink9

      Judges don’t do “reason” now.

      Because it’s 2017.