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Ohio: Mosque gives University of Cincinnati $1M to teach more Islam

A local mosque is donating $1 million to the University of Cincinnati to increase understanding of the Islamic religion amid concerns about Islamophobia.

UC is adding a titled professorship in Islamic studies, thanks to the gift from the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. Money originates from Inayat Malik and his wife, Ishrat Malik.

DC Metro bans religion from Christmas ads, Catholics sue

Washington’s Metro has rejected a Catholic ad campaign that promotes “spiritual giving” instead of presents, arguing that the image of stars, shepherds and sheep promotes religion, a violation of the transit system’s rules.

The Archdiocese of Washington told Secrets that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority turned down a request to promote its “Find the Perfect Gift” initiative because the image “depicts a religious scene and thus seeks to promote religion,” although it does not include a manger scene, Christ figure or even a cross.

Wynne calls $12B in savings in PC platform ‘ridiculous’

The Progressive Conservatives’ suggestion that $12 billion could be cut from Ontario’s budget is “ridiculous,” Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne says as her party crystallizes its criticisms against the Tories’ newly unveiled election platform.

The recently announced PC plan reveals their platform six months ahead of the campaign and has also provided previews of what’s sure to be a consistent Liberal line of attack until the June vote.

Fake News: German Media Falsely Proclaims Arrest of Identitarians When It Was Far-Left Extremists Who Were Arrested

Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine and Austria’s Der Standard reported on the arrest of 15 Identitarians in Paris this weekend, despite prosecutors saying those arrested were far-left extremists. Both publications have issued no correction or retraction.

Canadian hate crimes growing and more violent for third straight year

Statistics Canada said Tuesday that attacks against a person’s sexual orientation, as well as people identified as South Asian, Arab or West Asian, East or Southeast Asian ethnicities, and as Jewish, all saw increases.

The increase in hate crimes coincides with a surge in rallies organized by far-right groups in Canada. Last weekend, tensions flared at dueling far-right and anti-fascist demonstrations in Quebec City, prompting dozens of arrests. Earlier this month, discriminatory posters appeared on the University of Victoria campus.

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