Citizenship fraudster Monsef’s papers still aren’t in order and the media still hardly cares

Federal Minister Maryam Monsef is back in the news this week, over the same scandal that dogged her in 2016. According to news reports, Monsef still hasn’t resolved the issues with her citizenship and has yet to receive a new, updated passport.

Last fall, Monsef revealed that she was born in Iran and not Afghanistan as she had once claimed. We also learned that Monsef spent most of her childhood in the city of Mashad, Iran — not war-torn Afghanistan.

Monsef admitted in an interview that her family was “technically safe” in Iran, calling into question whether she was a bona fide refugee, as per international definitions and Canadian immigration law.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That’s Islamophobia!

    Besides, you can’t expect the rules to apply to a Liberal Cabinet Minister!

    • Observer

      You forgot to also say any criticisms of her must be misogyny. 🙂

    • Gary

      Muslims are fully human yet and we must tolerate their crimes over the next 600 years until they meet us in the 19th Century to outlaw slavery and pedophilia.
      It’s a start .

  • David_Martin
  • Watchman

    To the SJWs an Economic Migrant is a ‘refugee’ fleeing poverty caused by the West previously stealing the wealth of the Economic Migrant’s home country. This is not sarcasm, it is what they actually believe.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Culture. lets talk culture.
    In my world, the culture that resides in the oil Patch, if you lie about who and what you are, you are fired on the spot.
    She has lied to get ahead and MUST be fired.
    If this is the culture that is the current Federal system, then I would like to see Alberta separate from our federation and reside inside Canada like the Country of Quebec.
    I want to see honesty remain the foundation of my country.

    • Editor

      So do I, so do, I suspect most Canadians but the Post-truth crowd have the floor and until we tell them, in social settings, in universities and at the ballot box, to shut up, this type of fraud will continue.

    • Watchman

      Most politicians, being unlike normal people, would say she the only thing she has done wrong in allowing herself to be caught, and not because of any lies. After all, a Lie is the basic trade and skill of a politician.

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy
      • Marius K

        I just bought the t-shirt.

  • Watchman

    WRT the text on the picture:
    Devout Muslims do not believe in the validity of Iran or Afghanistan: they are both haram as they were formed by the Laws of Men instead of the Laws Of Allah (Shari’a Law). I believe that she is Muslim and considers herself Muslim. The only political organization devout Muslims believe in is a single Caliphate, and the Muslim inhabitants joined together as part of the Ummah.

  • ontario john

    If it had been anyone else, they would have been deported by now. But she is a female, liberal, muslim so anything goes. We must not say too much about it, or Justin will cry.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A little known fact about Sweden is that a significant contingent of ‘economic refugees’ are from…..Finland If you live in next door Finland you can claim things are too tough, take a bus to Sweden and set down roots there as a ‘refugee’.

  • simus1

    The obvious problem is if the Iranian security people made haste to issue an uncheckable unblemished background personal history for their “supposedly reluctant dual citizen” it would raise all sorts of red flags ……………. As for
    Afghanistan ………………………

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    A muzzle’em scofflaw? Wow…like, who’d figure that?

  • Gary

    The media didn’t reveal that it was her MP seat riding that had a possible Mosque vandalism hoax that had Justin show up to denounce islamophobia. The possible hoax was right after the mass slaughter in Europe by jihadists much like the 3 hoaxes in 2014 after our 2 Jihad attacks that killed two soldier on canada’s soil.
    The RCMP wasn’t called in for tax fraud when the Imam and media made it seem that the Mosque burnt to the ground where local donated over $200,000.00 .
    But when Justin spoke to the Imam during his visit there it slipped out that the Imam said he was lucky that the Insurance is paying for the damage.
    Wait….he knowingly exploited a possible fake crisis to use the Mosque Charity status for $200,000.00+ in a tax free donation that he kept for allah’s work when he knew the Insurance covered the damage which I later saw as a broken window and charred area of the rug plus smoke soot on a wall that wasn’t more than a $1500 job that local trades people could have dome for free.

    Fabricated hate-crimes to muslims helps to incite the young males to jihad because the quran calls them to protect islam . But since muslims can’t find bigots like them self they have to fake hate-crimes and push the M-103 to solve a non-problem in hope they get more Mosque permits and money from the Government .