Almost Every Graduate Of DC High School Was Truant, Yet All Of Them Were Accepted To College

The majority of graduating students at a Washington, D.C. high school did not attend more than six weeks of high school, but still managed to get into college, an investigation into the students’ records found.

NPR and WAMU looked into the seniors who graduated from Ballou High School in 2017, a school located in a poverty stricken area of the nation’s capital, to see how much school the graduating students missed. Ballou High School was previously heavily praised for all students in its senior class getting into college.

…“This is [the] biggest way to keep a community down. To graduate students who aren’t qualified, send them off to college unprepared, so they return to the community to continue the cycle,” the teacher said.

  • mauser 98

    blacks from other big cities cannot understand DC blacks..need interpreter

  • simus1

    Good marks and good school attendance is just a white patriarchal construct.
    If doggin’ it was good enough for Ex Emperor Barry …………..

  • Hard Little Machine

    Colleges are the same. They never kick anyone out because they’re incompetent, unready or illiterate. As long as they can pay or they can get grants or loans they’ll be carried. Who do you think is taking ‘race studies’. ‘gender studies’ and so forth? Colleges like Evergreen let ‘students’ make up their own classes and give themselves grades. Who cares? I just hope they were all admitted to Ivies and they’re being given a full ride.

  • Millie_Woods

    Lots of them will get teaching degrees and become teachers in the ‘hood. And the cycle will continue until you can earn a PhD in drooling.

    • DC stoodint

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  • DC stoodint

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    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

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  • This is just evil. Societal decline in all it’s ugly reality.

    • Clink9

      Absolutely anything goes now. If you’re not white.

  • Dana Garcia

    Colleges don’t mind — they get more tuition money for remedial education.

    Of course, the dumbing down just makes BA degrees worth a whole lot less to graduates.

  • Exile1981

    White education is fir white people, blacks get a free ride – thats the message they are sending.

    • Watchman

      The problem is that the blacks have been taught to believe that their failure to pass subjects in college is first hand proof of ‘systemic white racism’. Their reasoning is that their previous behaviour and study habits in school gained them passes, yet when they come to university and are taught by white academics they are failing for exercising the same dedication to study that they had in primary and secondary school. Understandably they are frustrated and angry, and switch their majors to things like Black Studies or Critical Theory, populated by academics who hate our society and are often previous academic failures in the scientific fields themselves and blame white racism for that.

      Once transferred to these soft studies under revolutionary academics the blacks are taught they are victims and will not succeed in any other faculty regardless of how hard they work and yet are told they should rightly get passes regardless of how little they work. The grievance studies lecturers assess students more on ideological conformity to societal hatred than academic rigour and demonstration of logic, reason and evidence.

      Those blacks who drop out after academic failure are left with debts they might never be able to pay off, crippling them and preventing them ever being successful, debt free and owning their own homes. They blame ‘systemic white racism’ for this.

      Those who stay by switching to soft Liberal Arts degrees are eventually going to be awarded degrees, then try to enter the workforce with unrealistic expectations and huge debts and blame their inability to get highly paid prestigious jobs on ‘systemic white racism’ instead of few companies willing to employ graduates in Critical Theory instead of skills that earn that company profit.

      At no time do the angry, inadequately-prepared black students consider that the supposed ‘systemic white racism’ appears to be racist against whites by making Asian students even more successful than whites, or that black students directly from Africa do very well academically and better than the local blacks.

  • Schools are puppy mills.