The Wages of Inversion

We live in an age in which things are no longer what they are supposed to be. Words have come to denote the opposite of what they signify. Cultural institutions on which we rely to serve our personal and national interests have morphed into caricatures of their original intentions, working against their foundational purposes.

Linguistic and institutional inversion is the time-dishonored strategy of totalitarian systems and is generally associated with the theory and practice of the Left, which has infiltrated the culture and polity of the free world, particularly in the areas of language use, the media, education, the arts and gender relations. The democratic West is now at the mercy of its own reverse polarity.

  • Language DOES matter. This is why one should not call leftists “progressives”. I don’t care what they call themselves. They do so because it characters them and their causes as somehow forward-thinking and positive.

    Is supporting Islamism positive?

    • According to “progressives” it is!

      • It will be one of their last thoughts as they go sailing off of a balcony.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In my experience I have seen wave after wave of ‘movements’ which have nothing in common except destruction of the culture which engendered them. This is just the latest one. Communism, Nazism, Marxism, Revolution, counter Revolution, and on and on. In 30 years the cool new thing for young people to pick up who are tired of their square old fussy Muslim parents will be something new. They’ll kill a few million people, burn down some cities, shake their fists in the air and do all those things that movements do.