Robert Mueller, Agent of Willful Ignorance

It was Mueller who made sure that the U.S. government would ignore and deny the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat.

It has come to light that as director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, who is currently the special counsel looking for any dirt he can find on Donald Trump, presided over the 2012 removal of all counterterror training materials of any mention of Islam and jihad in connection with terrorism. Since then, our law enforcement and intelligence officials have been blundering along in self-imposed darkness about the motivating ideology behind the jihad threat. This, it turns out, was Mueller’s doing.

  • Exile1981

    Mueller should be arrested for running a fake investigation and for making our forces less effective.

    • Alain

      At the very least the charade needs to be shut down and Mueller charged with collusion and sedition.

  • Tim Benner

    Dont give up on Trump/Mueller yet. All will be revealed.