Radio Free Europe Versus Islamist Primitives

I was at Radio Free Europe over the summer while I was visiting Prague for a journalism seminar — the City of a Hundred Spires where the organization was born. I thought of that trip while I was browsing Small Wars Journal, an excellent resource for counter-insurgency connoisseurs. Something at Small Wars Journal caught my eye — a link to a Wall Street Journal article announcing the expansion of Radio Free Europe’s mission to “dent Islamic State recruitment in Central Asia.” The new mission “will include local language broadcasts featuring repentant foreign fighters, widows, and parents that have lost children in Syria and Iraq.”

I wonder. Will it work?

  • Exile1981

    No because the intended listeners will see the repentant fighters as apostates for moving away from the true islam that calls for jihad and martyrdom. They will see the widows and parents as weak for missing their sons who have gone to paradise.

    • The west only thinks in terms of how they were allowed to bludgeon Christianity to near marginalization, the Muslims could care less what western Liberals think or say or do unless it can be used to advance their agenda.