Kerala: Some Muslims thought vaccination a US agenda to reduce their population, attack medical team

Kochi: In a bizarre incident in Kerala’s Malappuram district, a medical team comprising a doctor and nurses was attacked by some locals from the Muslim community, who wanted to stop the Measles Rubella (MR) vaccination drive in the area.

A 45-year-old nurse namely C K Shyalamabai got injured in the incident, which took place on Thursday in Athippatta area.

The team was led by Dr. Ali Muhhamad.

The Malappuram Police has arrested at least 3 persons accused of attacking the medical team and slapped non-bailable charges against them.

The three accused include Mubasheer (27), Safavan (21), and Faisal Babu (29). All of them reside near the school where the vaccination drive was going on.

The state government has also said that a strict action will be taken against those who would disrupt the vaccination drive in future.

In Kerala’s Malappuram district, a section of Muslim community is against the vaccination drive.

According to the health department, they think that vaccination reduces the life span of a person.

  • simus1

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    These monumentally ignorant excuses for semi humanity do almost nothing unless some agitator presses their start buttons.

  • BillyHW

    Now why on earth would anyone want to reduce the muslim population? That’s crazy talk.

  • WalterBannon

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  • xavier

    Kerala is where the Christians form a majority. Interesting tidbit about the Moslems

  • Hard Little Machine

    Every year after the Hajj, there’s an uptick in polio across the Muslim world. Muslims believe, broadly, that vaccines are a Zionist plot to make Muslim men impotent. No, really. It’s been happening for decades.

    • canminuteman

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  • GrimmCreeper

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  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • Manual Paleologos

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  • Jay Harper

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  • pdxnag

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  • Felicia Scott

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    • Because if they are not vaccinated, they can make others sick.

      It’s like the jack@$$es who refuse to vaccinate their snowflakes but are confident about the herd immunity.

      • Watchman

        No vaccination proof, no visa. Like it used to be done.

  • Kerala is also a place with many Christians.

  • DMB

    Did Bill Gates convert to Islam or do the greens and Muslims think alike?