Here’s The Latest Hate Crime Hoax — Caught On Video

The latest string of “hate crimes” discovered to be a hoax comes to us from New Jersey, where it turns out a black male vandalized five black churches, for which there is video surveillance evidence. At the time of the attacks, the Left hyped the incidents as evidence of their grim narrative of an America plagued by constant racial targeting, particularly against minorities. In other words, the “hate crimes” helped bolster the Left’s drive to divide the country by race.

  • simus1

    The left’s goal is not division or even fragmentation where real Christianity is concerned.
    It is atomization.

  • bob e

    I’m sure the homie’s momma’ gave him a good name ..

  • Watchman

    Maybe he was just a reverse Shane King and identified himself as white. Having done so, he self-radicalised, joined his own KKK chapter and set about ‘teaching the blacks not to get uppity’.

    Either that, or there is so few actual cases of white-on-black racial violence that he felt that he had to make some himself to keep the racial tensions high amongst his compatriots of the same skin color.

    I think we can safely say that the second option was the actual case.

  • Shebel

    This what the Liberals do—

    A federal program that helps non-profits and other community
    organizations at risk of hate-based crime has pitched in $46,000 to
    improve security at the Ottawa Mosque on Northwestern Avenue.

    On Monday, Ottawa Centre Liberal MP and Environment Minister Catherine
    McKenna announced, on behalf of Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale,
    the $46,000 in funding to the Ottawa Muslim Association.

    “There is no place in our society for attacks that target groups simply
    because of their faith,” McKenna said in a government statement. “Our
    government will continue to stand against discrimination. We have a
    collective responsibility to stand against prejudice in all its forms,
    and to never allow intolerance and hate to take root in our

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    Ottawa teen responsible for racist graffiti offers up apology

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    Two more cases of hate graffiti discovered in Ottawa

    The money will help the OMA support two planned projects: the
    installation of new cameras and an access control system at the mosque
    on Northwestern, and the installation of cameras and an access system,
    as well as a security assessment and equipment training, for the Hall of
    Peace Youth Centre next door, in the former Northwestern United Church.

    OMA President Naeem Malik said in a statement, “The Ottawa Muslim
    Association and the Ottawa mosque have been the target of several hate
    crimes in the last year. These crimes showed us all as Canadians the
    importance of working together to protect our common values and the
    freedom that we all enjoy. The funds received from Government of Canada
    will help the Association increase security around its properties, which
    protect worshipers and visitors to the mosque and provide a safe
    environment to offer prayers and perform religious practice.”

    The mosque was the target of racist graffiti last November
    . In April of this year, windows at the mosque were smashed

    Groups can apply for funding during two windows of time per year
    (December 1 to January 31, and June 1 to July 31) to help pay for things
    like security cameras and systems, fences and lighting, or even
    anti-graffiti sealant for the walls. The government will fund up to 50%
    of the applicant’s cost to a maximum of $100,000. The funding applies to
    places of worship, provincially and territorially recognized schools,
    and community centers.

    The same program has also provided funding in recent weeks to a synagogue in Toronto and one in Winnipeg, as well as a mosque in Richmond Hill.

    • bargogx1

      “There is no place in our society for attacks that target groups simply
      because of their faith,”

      Unless that faith happens to be Christianity. Then it’s just sort of ignored or swept under the rug.

      • Shebel

        I think that all these Politicians – Hate Christianity because JESUS was the epitome of PEACE.
        And to support Christians would pretty mean that you would lose the murderous Muslim votes— and –
        You are ,quite simply —
        Scared Shitless.