Germans Being Germans: Who’s Afraid of Alternative for Germany?

Germany is in an unexpected political stalemate. This month, coalition talks among quarreling parties collapsed, leaving who will govern the country in question. If it is unable to form a new government, Germany could hold national elections again, a dismal prospect for all.

In September, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel and her dominant Christian Democratic Union (CDU) lost big. The upstart Alternative for Germany (AfD) party surged in popularity.

Founded four years ago during the Greek financial crisis as an anti-Eurozone party, the AfD, pitching itself as an anti-immigrant party, secured third place in parliament with almost 13 percent of the popular vote. The reasons for AfD’s meteoric rise include “anxieties about national identity, globalization, migration, Islam and jobs” across the European continent, as the New York Times puts it.

Many votes for AfD were protest votes. To vote CDU was to condone Merkel’s role in Germany’s reckless open-borders policies beginning in 2015. A lot of middle-class, nationally minded Germans don’t want to excuse that. They’re happy to watch her squirm.

  • Dana Garcia

    The press likes to praise immigration and diversity as a great thing, but nobody likes it when they get a snootful of the real thing, particularly when there are muslims in the mix.

  • ontario john

    And breaking news from Question Period in Ottawa. Negative comments about returning ISIS fighters is because of Harper. Yes that Hitler Harper is at it again according to little Justin. Justin got upset when conservative members grilled him about welcoming muslim fighters back. Super Socks made it quite clear that the conservative members are spreading Islamophobia by using such Harper tactics. He then went on a rant that the NDP basically have no right to question him because he trounced them in the election. Our little dictator at work.

    • Got a link?

      • ontario john

        It was on CBC news channel. They played Question Period today. And I hope everyone saw Trudeau cry with tissue in hand, as he apologized to perverts. The tears were flowing. And of course the vote whores of all parties gave him numerous standing ovations. As well as the 100 million dollars he is giving out, he will be working with all levels of government to protect gays from any negative people. I thought it was telling when he said children as young as SIX should be encouraged in schools if they want to be gay. Yes our little prince thinks government should encourage small children to find their inner gay. Meanwhile in the states, they are talking tax reform and tax cuts.

    • WalterBannon

      Justin is a treasonous douche